2021 Corvallis Practice Volleyball

PRACTICE  -  Volleyball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
B Johnson 4th/5th Grade
Vanessa Mizak
Jackie Munger
Corvallis Dental 7th Grade
Kassidy Fetch
503-828-5765503-828-5765 (Cell)

Elmer's 6th Grade
El Sol De Mexico 4th/5th Grade
Emily Montero
541-760-5853541-760-5853 (Cell)
Liz Wallace
619-550-9539619-550-9539 (Cell)
Pacific Power 8th Grade
Jenni Copeland
541-760-8689541-760-8689 (Cell)

Hailey Dasenko
541-452-2866541-452-2866 (Cell)
Paventy & Brown 7th Grade
Layla Aguilar
541-231-1221541-231-1221 (Cell)
Sidney Williams
Subaru of Corvallis 8th Grade
Crystal Poling
Valley Eye Care 6th Grade