3/4th Grade East

2019 Valley League NFL  -  Flag Football

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Central Linn (Packers)
Tabith Rose - Head Coach
541-729-2117541-729-2117 (Cell)
Lebanon (Texans)
Casey Stutz - Head Coach
928-503-7503928-503-7503 (Cell)
Mill City (Broncos)
Tyson Sloan
503-884-6535503-884-6535 (Cell)
Monroe (Steelers)
Billy Phillips
541-953-9633541-953-9633 (Cell)

Philomath (Bills)
Ray Felina
503-975-3325503-975-3325 (Cell)
Stayton (Eagles III)Drews
Kurtis Drews
503-680-6491503-680-6491 (Cell)
Sweet Home (Dolphins)
Katie Weder - Head Coach
541-619-0207541-619-0207 (Cell)