Adult Co-Ed Volleyball

Spring 2014  -  Volleyball - Adult

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Brace Yourself
Lauren Keller
381-3548 (Cell)
Clam Diggers
Willa Jones
610-742-0161610-742-0161 (Cell)
CS Services
Chris Sockriter
Gotta Stretch First
Allison Hedetniemi
242-7005 (Cell)
Killin Me Softly
Alison Botti
No Shankz
Nancy Bradshaw
752-6748 (Cell)
Shore Setters
Teresa Ripley
717-579-1577717-579-1577 (Cell)
717-503-7659717-503-7659 (Cell)
Who's TJ!
Dan Kelmkowski
644-7711 (Cell)