RIRPA 18+ Mixed Doubles

Fall 2022  -  Pickleball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
EG Ashlund/Ginestet
Edgar Arroyo
787-248-3150787-248-3150 (Cell)
Julie Pearson
401-225-3171401-225-3171 (Cell)
NK MacMillan/MacMillan
Emily MacMillan
401-793-0879401-793-0879 (Cell)
Jackson MacMillan
401-793-0879401-793-0879 (Cell)
PR Willis/Mackey
Blair Wills
401-651-7400401-651-7400 (Cell)
Lisa Mackey
415-269-0748415-269-0748 (Cell)
SK Carr/Taylor
Andrew Carr
401-965-4321401-965-4321 (Cell)
Cynthia Taylor
401-439-3902401-439-3902 (Cell)
TI Poirier/Hooper
Nicole Poirier
401-578-0058401-578-0058 (Cell)
John Hooper
401-787-8809401-787-8809 (Cell)