Intermediate Evening Leauge

Spring 2022  -  Pickleball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Greg Gonsalves/Dena Gonsalves
Greg Consalves - Player 1

Heather Gagnon/Sue Halloran
Heather Gagnon
401-782-4258401-782-4258 (Cell)
401-932-1364401-932-1364 (Work)
Susan Halloran
401-474-8493401-474-8493 (Cell)
Jim Hawkins/Sue Yurgalevitch
Jim Hawkins - Player 1
202-422-4295202-422-4295 (Cell)
Sue Yurgalevitch
301-275-0409301-275-0409 (Cell)
Jodi Greenberg/Dwayne Smith
Jodi Greenberg
415-269-3793415-269-3793 (Cell)
Dwayne Smith
415-269-3793415-269-3793 (Cell)
Leslie Delaney/Cynthia Hagerty
Leslie Delaney
401-952-4903401-952-4903 (Cell)
Cynthia Hagerty
401-782-2969401-782-2969 (Cell)
Marykate Bergen/Barbara Murdock
Marykate Bergen
774-571-8029774-571-8029 (Cell)
Barbara Murdock
401-219-1026401-219-1026 (Cell)
Naomi Berger/Amanda Self
Naomi Berger
917-822-2471917-822-2471 (Cell)
Amanda Self
860-490-2328860-490-2328 (Cell)
Perri, Ann / Primus, Delite
Perri, Ann
404-394-9770404-394-9770 (Cell)
Delite Primus
435-210-1329435-210-1329 (Cell)