Intermediate Daytime League

Spring 2022  -  Pickleball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Dennis Bove/Joe Dutra
Joe V Dutra
401-474-9126401-474-9126 (Cell)
Dennis Bove
401-219-9012401-219-9012 (Cell)
Hawkins, Jim / Marzilli, Ray
Jim Hawkins - Player 1
202-422-4295202-422-4295 (Cell)
Marzilli, Ray
401-226-4783401-226-4783 (Cell)
Jeff Black/Vincent Hey
Jeff Black
401-585-5121401-585-5121 (Cell)
Vincent Hey
401-486-9181401-486-9181 (Cell)
Kathleen Kurowski/David Kurowski
Kathleen Kurowski - Player 1
David Kurowski
401-497-6785401-497-6785 (Cell)
Keenan, Eileen /Hyland, Sharlene
Eileen Keenan
401-575-2755401-575-2755 (Cell)
Hyland, Sharlene
203-444-9604203-444-9604 (Cell)
Philip Telford/Tracy Telford
Telford, Philip
267-614-5838267-614-5838 (Cell)
Telford, Tracy
401-793-1531401-793-1531 (Cell)