Intermediate Evening

Fall 2021  -  Pickleball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Aschaffenburg, Patricia / Iddings, Matthew
Aschaffenburg, Patricia
401-580-7011401-580-7011 (Cell)
Iddings, Matthew
401-580-7011401-580-7011 (Cell)
Berger, Noami / Hagerty, Cynthia
Naomi Berger
917-822-2471917-822-2471 (Cell)

Cynthia Hagerty
401-782-2969401-782-2969 (Cell)
401-575-7846401-575-7846 (Work)
Dausch, Daniel / Mahoney, Thomas
Dausch, Daniel
781-771-4505781-771-4505 (Cell)
Mahoney, Thomas
401-641-2962401-641-2962 (Cell)
Hill, Jay / Hill, Jeff
Hill, Jay
401-741-5171401-741-5171 (Cell)
Hill, Jeff
401-741-5171401-741-5171 (Cell)