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6U League (5v5)

Fall 2021  -  Soccer - Youth

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Brunin Eagles (Light Blue)
Charlotte French
785-817-6430785-817-6430 (Cell)
Kinkel Kangaroos (Purple)
Dan Kinkel
620-717-8157620-717-8157 (Cell)
Martinez Twisters (Safety Green)
Alicia Martinez
Moss Penguins (Purple)
Tayla Moss
785-231-9188785-231-9188 (Cell)
Potts Black Panthers (Black)
Regena Potts
785-844-2401785-844-2401 (Cell)
Snowy Mountains (Jade Dome)
Katie Dorsey
620-794-6419620-794-6419 (Cell)
Stutzman Gummy Bears (Heliconia)
Ben Stutzman
Topeka Blue Jays (Royal)
Brandon Weyand
785-845-1102785-845-1102 (Cell)
Ward Wolfpack (Heather Sport Scarlet Red)
Mitch Ward
785-221-1253785-221-1253 (Cell)
Wilson Wreckers (Lime)
Ariel Wilson