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SCPR Volleyball Practice

Practice 2020  -  Field Rentals

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Berroth Sassy Spikers
Davis Panthers
Katie Davis
979-290-6720979-290-6720 (Cell)
Goetz Strikers
Phil Goetz
785-331-8620785-331-8620 (Cell)
Isom Incredibles
Romae Isom
785-383-0187785-383-0187 (Cell)
Kerr Volley Girls
Michelle Kerr
785-220-2059785-220-2059 (Cell)
Lilly Lady Bugs
Alicia Lilly
785-969-4661785-969-4661 (Cell)

Midwest SC Orioles
Mitchell Thunder
Jessica Mitchell
219-689-8616219-689-8616 (Cell)
North SC Kangaroos
North SC Liberty
North SC Monarchs
Potts Volley Vipers
Victoria Potts
901-355-2914901-355-2914 (Cell)
Silver Lake Eagles
Jennifer Perry
785-383-7046785-383-7046 (Cell)
Smith Lady Bugs
Edward Smith
Southeast SC Nets
Swift Crush
Shannon Swift
785-250-8850785-250-8850 (Cell)

Wege Panthers 11
Lisa D. Wege
785-364-0759785-364-0759 (Cell)

Wege Panthers 14A
Lisa D. Wege
785-364-0759785-364-0759 (Cell)

Wege Panthers 14B
Lisa D. Wege
785-364-0759785-364-0759 (Cell)