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SCABA Practice - Session 3 (August 1-October 31)

Practice 2020  -  Field Rentals

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Blue Jays (C)
Ryan Polter
608-7620 (Cell)
Blue Line Baseball Club
Ryan Myers
785-969-2183785-969-2183 (Cell)

Bulls 13U
Allan Cooper
785-806-8800785-806-8800 (Cell)
CC Bombers
Derek Pomeroy
785-501-3969785-501-3969 (Cell)

Diamond Kings 11U
Ryan Peters
785-230-5493785-230-5493 (Cell)
Eagles (R)
Carl Heincker
Lawrence Diamondbacks 13U
Casey Cook
785-214-1482785-214-1482 (Cell)
Lawrence Diamondbacks 14U
Casey Cook
785-214-1482785-214-1482 (Cell)
Midwest Aces
Kenny Membrino
785-817-1927785-817-1927 (Cell)

Naturals 10U
Matt Gaggero
785-633-3775785-633-3775 (Cell)
Practice Available
Rangers 8U
Matt Giffin
785-383-5475785-383-5475 (Cell)
Raptors 7U
Darren Rottinghaus
785-336-1591785-336-1591 (Cell)
Philip Benibo
816-716-7961816-716-7961 (Cell)

Sluggers 8U
Jeremy Swedelund
785-318-0642785-318-0642 (Cell)
Nick LaBin
785-845-8241785-845-8241 (Cell)

Matthew Paulsen
785-249-6783785-249-6783 (Cell)
Storm Chasers 14U
Bryce Garner
785-267-7977785-267-7977 (Cell)
Synergy Athletics 8U
Travis Stallbaumer
785-249-9471785-249-9471 (Cell)
Topeka Blue Jays 6U
Brandon Weyand
785-845-1102785-845-1102 (Cell)
Topeka Crush 11U
Andrew Moyer
785-409-5302785-409-5302 (Cell)
Topeka Flyers
Brent Schulte
785-213-3365785-213-3365 (Cell)
Topeka Force 7U
Matt Hester
785-249-7657785-249-7657 (Cell)
Topeka Grizzlies 10U
Michael Alvarez
785-806-0443785-806-0443 (Cell)
785-806-9160785-806-9160 (Cell)

Topeka Grizzlies 14U
Shawn Lester - Martin Delgado
785-506-5647785-506-5647 (Cell)
785-409-9939785-409-9939 (Work)
Topeka Hitmen 11U
Troy Mitchell
785-215-7939785-215-7939 (Cell)
Topeka Lake Monsters 7U
James D. Evans
785-226-2231785-226-2231 (Cell)
785-295-2855785-295-2855 (Work)

Topeka Lake Monsters 11U
Doug Fehr
785-438-0812785-438-0812 (Cell)
Topeka Lake Monsters 12U
James D. Evans
785-226-2231785-226-2231 (Cell)
785-295-2855785-295-2855 (Work)

Topeka Legends
Vicki Huntoon - Michael Phillips
785-230-7745785-230-7745 (Cell)
785-221-9157785-221-9157 (Work)

Topeka Lightning 10U
David Dobbs
816-522-5166816-522-5166 (Cell)
Topeka Lions 13U
Dan Cooper
785-224-8169785-224-8169 (Cell)
Topeka Lobos (R)
Matthew Chavez
785-250-2983785-250-2983 (Cell)
Topeka Naturals 11U
Matt Gaggero
785-633-3775785-633-3775 (Cell)
Topeka Oilers 9U
Adam Schroeder
785-249-5919785-249-5919 (Cell)
Topeka Raptors 10U
Lindsey Cooper
785-640-5148785-640-5148 (Cell)
Topeka Titans 11U
Dan Wiggs
785-220-6703785-220-6703 (Cell)
Vipers 10U
Donny Smith
785-409-8965785-409-8965 (Cell)
Vipers 12U
Tim Miller
785-409-8965785-409-8965 (Cell)
Vipers 13U
Josh Miller
785-845-6669785-845-6669 (Cell)
Nicole Thompson
785-409-8965785-409-8965 (Cell)