Adult Horseshoes

Fall 2020  -  Horseshoes

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
A League of Our Own
Ellie Dudley
303-775-8327303-775-8327 (Cell)
Andrea Litfin
970-539-5239970-539-5239 (Cell)
Awkward Turtles
Clint Dudley
970-418-0084970-418-0084 (Cell)
Ryan Litfin
970-539-5238970-539-5238 (Cell)
Barry and Doyle
Barry Schaeffer
Doyle Schaeffer
Clankin & Drankin
Megan Massa
970-402-8628970-402-8628 (Cell)
Katie Tann
Fat Man & LIttle Boy
Eric Robbins
303-709-4037303-709-4037 (Cell)
Jeremy Scovel
303-710-1045303-710-1045 (Cell)
Gone With The Win
Joanna Goldstien
720-277-7436720-277-7436 (Cell)
Kerese Arnold
720-233-6267720-233-6267 (Cell)
Hank & Eric
Eric Luark
970-539-0282970-539-0282 (Cell)
Hank Johnson
970-397-6236970-397-6236 (Cell)
Kyle & Mark
970-313-7932970-313-7932 (Cell)
Noble Steeds
Greg Peterson
970-397-1802970-397-1802 (Cell)
Brian French
970-590-7683970-590-7683 (Cell)
Pitch Perfect
Ashley VanSlyke
970-371-3076970-371-3076 (Cell)
Maggie Joseph
970-646-0556970-646-0556 (Cell)
Stan Bruntz
970-284-6790970-284-6790 (Cell)
Randy Kern
970-539-0159970-539-0159 (Cell)
Amber Peterson
970-381-4017970-381-4017 (Cell)
Becky French
970-481-9889970-481-9889 (Cell)
Striker Sisters
Beverly Bruntz
970-302-7502970-302-7502 (Cell)
Char Fritzler
970-737-2313970-737-2313 (Cell)
The Kernals
Austin Kern
970-518-1997970-518-1997 (Cell)
Megan Kern
970-518-5142970-518-5142 (Cell)