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12 U Banks/Southwood/Contentnea/Fairfield

Winter 2018-2019  -  Basketball - Youth

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Banks Bulls
Brandon Jenkins
560-6986 (Cell)
Banks Celtics
Wayne Turnage
560-8625 (Cell)
Banks Hornets
Tommy Grady
560-3688 (Cell)
Banks Tarheels
Jonathan Davis
933-0015 (Cell)
Contentnea Thunder
Emmanuel Rosber
268-7882 (Cell)
Fairfield Eagles
Domica Rhodes
933-4635 (Cell)
Fairfield Knights
Terrance Thomas
525-7396 (Cell)
Fairfield Warriors
Jennitra Veal
468-6065 (Cell)
Southwood Bobcats
Brad Grady
520-7677 (Cell)
Southwood Rockets
Billy Hooker
527-6405 (Cell)