Men 60 AAA

2022 ISSA Men's Teams Ratings  -  Softball - Adult

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Team Name
Coach Name
Kevin Rochon
313-729-1105313-729-1105 (Cell)
Harry Rochon
Kevin Rochon
313-729-1105313-729-1105 (Cell)
Harry Rochon
Avalon Insurance Group 60
Stephen W Brennan
BJM - Bomb Squad
Bob Cash
Leo Vernier
Mickey Rash
Bowers Excavating
Wayne Becker
Steve Harrington
Buckeye Classics
Edward M Schepp
Jeff McClintock
Capp Steel/Just One More
Jeff Stalker - Manager
440-487-3490440-487-3490 (Cell)
Pat Fleming - Asst Manager
440-220-0195440-220-0195 (Cell)
Claremont Property Co.
Gary E Thomas
Coastal Paint Works
Sanford (Bubba) Johnson
CPOA Cleveland / Northern Ohio Printing
Gary Kadow
440-478-8253440-478-8253 (Cell)
Mike Kinard - Manager
Danny Gorden
281-687-7221281-687-7221 (Cell)
Curtis Engine
Paul Koch
Terry Cook
darrell harris & Associates
darrell l harris
Dayton Legends 60 / Cattle Company
David Melampy
Detroit Connection
Wilbert Washington
DT express
Gary Davenport
Friendly Transmission
Willie Medlin
Jim Dugan
GAP Sports
Greg A. Plotner
Mark Miller
Hard Work
Jeffery Bruce
Cecillo Rodriguez
Holy City Hitmen
Mike Grubb
Stanley Cox
M-60 Tankers
Roberto Rivera
Jim Frontz
Mobley Brothers Roofing
Jeffrey C Henderson
Michael Mobley
Monocacy Brewing
Andy Radcliffe
Lee Radcliffe
New York Fitness/Frederick Chevy 60's
Rick Barlow - Manager
717-507-2555717-507-2555 (Cell)

Ronald Brubaker
717-405-8868717-405-8868 (Cell)
NoVa Force 60
Danny Gregory
Kenny Barnes
Olympian Athletics 60
Doug Hartzok
Don Kuntne
bill lockrem
Phoenix Tube
Dennis Lake
Wayne Peragallo
Smash It Sports
Richard Schockow
Southern Boys
Gary lee Nicholson
Johnny Searce
Southern Elite Huricanes
Early Perry
Pete Fowler
404-641-5774404-641-5774 (Cell)
Steel City A's - 60s
Dan Steele
Team Riporti
Steve Barba
Texas Heat 60's
walt lowry
817-680-8858817-680-8858 (Cell)
214-926-3597214-926-3597 (Cell)
Randy Silvia
Texas Legends
Joe Ylda
Texas Threat
Susan Wilkerson
Susan Wilkerson
The Ockers Company 60's
Darryl Nielsen
Keith Fluker
The Southern Boys
Gary lee Nicholson