Men 50 AAA

2021 ISSA The Myrtle Beach Tournament  -  Softball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Angry rhinos/team Miken
Thomy eaton - Manager
Automotive Triage
Rodney Wilhelm - Manager
Gary Cress - Asst Manager
Bad Boyz
Ty Purvis - Manager
718-669-1750718-669-1750 (Cell)
Carlyle Dabney - Asst Manager
Cox Diesel
Kenny Dodson - Manager
Ted Erb - Asst Manager
Lobos/ Michigan Mafia
Scott A. Herrera - Manager
616-893-7576616-893-7576 (Cell)
Bob Vasquez - Asst Manager
Michigan Mafia
Michael Stachowski - Manager
Thom Stanek - Asst Manager
Steve Vernon - Manager
George Johnson - Asst Manager
PA Senior Hitmen
Edward Moyer - Manager
Dave Boyer - Asst Manager
Triad Dirtbags
Timothy Blake - Manager