Men 65 Major

2021 ISSA Men's Teams Ratings  -  Softball - Adult

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Team Name
Coach Name
65 Levin Ameriprise
Luis Puentes - Manager
Beef O Brady's
Don Geisler - Manager
David McDermott - Asst Manager
Cape Cod Mariners/Ockers/Kaleidoscope 65s
Ron Scarborough - Manager
Larry Kanupp - Asst Manager
Chicago Prime 65s
Tom Scialabba - Manager
GARY REID - Asst Manager
630-251-6651630-251-6651 (Cell)
815-941-2837815-941-2837 (Home)

John Golem - Manager
Kerry Bauer - Asst Manager
Dan Smith 65s / FAI / Dudley
Todd Burris - Manager
Todd Burris - Asst Manager
Deep Purple
Larry Fegan - Manager
Empire/Monroe Gutter
curt kirchmaier - Manager
High Street Bucs 65
Timmy Potter - Manager
Pat Carey - Asst Manager
Houston Fire
Brian McLeroy - Manager
Bob Schulz - Asst Manager
Mcdowell & Son's ---- Drobena Builders
john mcdowell - Manager
John Gridley - Asst Manager
Motown Stars
Mckensley Crumpton - Manager
Jimmy Denito
New Jersey Hitmen
Jeff Hitt - Manager
Pill and Pill 65s
Rick Pill
Donal L. Smith
Michael Santo - Manager
Reality Check 65 Major
Bill Barrett - Manager
Kim Dolphin - Asst Manager
Simmons Day Allstars
Pierce Jones - Manager
Ray Hairston - Asst Manager
Slug A Bug
Frank Straub - Manager
Dave Carden - Asst Manager
Via Citrus 65
Jeffrey Frey - Manager
717-330-3941717-330-3941 (Cell)