Women 70

2019 ISSA Winter Worlds & USA Championships  -  Softball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Blue Chicks
Linda VanValkenburg - Manager
Marie Knabbe - Asst Manager
Chargers Softball
Annie Marshall - Manager
Peggy ONeill - Manager
Arlene Gomez - Asst Manager
Golden Gals 70
Kathy Tittle - Manager
Midge Ferraro - Asst Manager
Golden Girls 70s
Peg Moyer - Manager
Linda Baziluik - Asst Manager
Grey Power
Sue Westlake - Manager
Sandi Russ - Asst Manager
Jolico 70’s
Jan Stephan - Manager
Peggy Van Eckoute - Asst Manager
North West mountain Mamas
Patricia Diane Eaton - Manager
Janice Gordon - Asst Manager
Ohio Cardinals
Colleen A Needham - Manager
Southwest Dream Catchers
John & Patricia Stanalonis - Manager
Carmen Sandoval - Asst Manager