Men 60 AAA

2019 ISSA Great Smoky Mountain Senior Classic  -  Softball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Carolina Patriots / Berserk
Michael Watson - Manager
Jimmy Kontoulas - Asst Manager
Cincinnati 60's
Jeri Weingartner/Ted Weingartner - Manager
Jeri Weingartner/Ted Weingartner - Asst Manager
Willie Medlin - Manager
Dayton Legends Sixties
Keith Turner - Manager
Harold Evans - Asst Manager
Dt Express
Gary Davenport - Manager
Joe Ammons - Manager
McDowell& Son's
John McDowell - Manager
Robert(Butch)Drake - Asst Manager
Michigan Merchants
Patricia Toburen - Manager
Patricia Toburen - Asst Manager
Mobley Brothers Roofing/Southern Thunder
Gerald Paulton (Jethro) - Manager
Jeffrey Craig Henderson - Asst Manager
Old Stars 60
Jerry Howard - Manager
Marty Spain - Asst Manager
Pet Supplies Plus
Mark Syzdek - Manager
Oscar Zamora - Asst Manager
Seasoned Vets
Gary C Still - Manager
Johnny Wiggins - Asst Manager
Team Impact
Neil Wallach - Manager