Men 60 AAA/Major

2019 ISSA National Capital Classic  -  Softball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Buell Fuel 60’s
Darryl Nielsen - Manager
Chesapeake/Anchor Mechanical
Bill Benton - Manager
Hamel Builder Mens 60
Julius DeBose - Manager
Gerald Woods - Assistant Manager
High Street Bucs 60
Bob DeCarlo - Manager
Monocacy Brewing Company
John Peck - Manager
Andy Radcliffe - Assistant Manager
Olympian Athletics 60
Mike Keenan - Manager
Doug Hartzok - Assistant Manager
Pill and Pill
Rick Pill - Manager
Frank Hood - Assistant Manager
Rochester Genesee 60s
Richard Schockow - Manager
Spare Parts
Henry Schmitt - Manager
William Cameron - Assistant Manager
Use it or lose it
Tom Salb 3rd - Manager
Jim Dugan - Assistant Manager