GABL Major

Fall 2022  -  Baseball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Buford Green (Gillespie)
Dallas Gillespie
Buford Grey (Starkey)
Bill Starkey
404-409-3486404-409-3486 (Cell)
Buford White (Means)
Jai Means
706-499-1248706-499-1248 (Cell)
CH Black (Ravanello)
770-851-7354770-851-7354 (Cell)
CH Green (Downie)
Juliette Downie
770-455-2429770-455-2429 (Cell)
CH Grey (Johnson)
Neil Johnson
470-589-0132470-589-0132 (Cell)
Tony Watkins
770-530-7064770-530-7064 (Cell)
Duluth Black (Vilardo)
Adam Vilardo
Lanier Black (Skinner)
John Skinner
240-500-8954240-500-8954 (Cell)
NG Red (Douglas)
David Douglas
NG White (Oliver)
Alan Oliver
513-405-5896513-405-5896 (Cell)
Matt McNair - Coach
404-376-4248404-376-4248 (Cell)
PTR Blue (O'Brien)
Scott O'Brien
404-488-8074404-488-8074 (Cell)
PTR Red (Autrey)
Travis Autrey - Coach
770-823-0219770-823-0219 (Cell)