5-6 Coed

Spring 2018  -  Baseball - Youth

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Freeport Firefighters
Natalie Countryman
815-238-8491815-238-8491 (Cell)
Kevin Countryman
815-291-9570815-291-9570 (Cell)
Freeport Police
Amber Bratley
815-275-9885815-275-9885 (Cell)
Kacey Buss
815-291-6926815-291-6926 (Cell)
Moose Lodge
Jessy mefford
81582123368158212336 (Cell)
State Bank
Stephanie Barton
81554120548155412054 (Cell)

Eric Barton
81582224438158222443 (Cell)
State Farm
Amber Dunn
81582146448158214644 (Cell)
Tasha Marini
815-275-7248815-275-7248 (Cell)
Union Savings Bank
Eric Cummins
815-275-8253815-275-8253 (Cell)
Beau Cummins
81523804518152380451 (Cell)