Little Reds Soccer (7 & 8 yrs)

Spring 2021  -  Soccer - Youth

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Team Johnson
Kelsey Johnson
970-590-7859970-590-7859 (Cell)
Team Krimm
Mark Krimm
970-420-9818970-420-9818 (Cell)
Team Pedro
Jaime Pedro
307-217-0654307-217-0654 (Cell)
Team Peterson
Rylon Peterson
970-324-4243970-324-4243 (Cell)
Team Schroeder
Kayla Schroeder
970-381-1950970-381-1950 (Cell)
Team Weibel
Lisa Weibel
303-775-7090303-775-7090 (Cell)
Team Welting
Denise Welting
970-214-2200970-214-2200 (Cell)
Team Wiedeman
Emily Wiedeman
970-310-9166970-310-9166 (Cell)