Games 19U

Summer 2022  -  Softball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
19U-1 Double Play Hitting & Pitching
Bruce Weldy
309-706-6520309-706-6520 (Cell)
19U-2 Redbird Property Management
Ron Ferris
309-846-6590309-846-6590 (Cell)
19U-3 O'Brien Auto Team
Greg Shull
309-533-8389309-533-8389 (Cell)

19U-4 Laura Thompson Homes RE/MAX Rising
Eric Thompson
309-838-2987309-838-2987 (Cell)
19U-5 Central Illinois Spine
Mike Trask - Head Coach
309-825-7573309-825-7573 (Cell)