Games 12U

Summer 2022  -  Softball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
12U-1 JMJ Financial Coaching
Chris Niebur
309-531-1491309-531-1491 (Cell)
12U-2 East Locust Properties
Jason Bunn
309-825-0202309-825-0202 (Cell)
12U-3 Mark Clauss, Realtor Coldwell Banker
Mark Clauss
309-825-1249309-825-1249 (Cell)
12U-4 Pawsitive Transformations
Ryan Jeakins
309-531-4422309-531-4422 (Cell)
12U-5 Creativity Campus Childcare
Joshua Fuchs
309-310-2502309-310-2502 (Cell)
12U-6 Brucker Law
David Machek
309-242-7559309-242-7559 (Cell)
12U-7 Changing Seasons Lawn and Landscape
Craig Lee Kietzman
217-714-6115217-714-6115 (Cell)

12U-8 Central Illinois Spine
Patrick Twist
309-287-1424309-287-1424 (Cell)
12U-9 Carl's Ice Cream
Kylie Mae Bell
309-706-2765309-706-2765 (Cell)
12U-10 Laura Thompson Home RE/MAX Rising
Bobby Scott
309-532-4313309-532-4313 (Cell)