Games 8U

Summer 2022  -  Softball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
8U-1 BRC Concrete
Kaylin Cawley
309-310-3848309-310-3848 (Cell)
8U-2 Select Screen Prints
Shawn Perrone
309-532-2890309-532-2890 (Cell)

8U-3 Laura Thompson Homes RE/Max Rising
Amanda Schneider
309-310-6814309-310-6814 (Cell)
8U-4 Creativity Campus Childcare
Joe Malisia
309-830-9053309-830-9053 (Cell)
8U-5 Dan Pfeifer - State Farm Agent
Larry Cleer
309-453-8219309-453-8219 (Cell)
8U-6 Changing Seasons Lawn and Landscape
Brian Preston
309-830-4095309-830-4095 (Cell)

8U-7 The Bronze Frog
Kyle Wheelwright
309-635-3233309-635-3233 (Cell)
8U-8 Crawford's Corner Pub
Sharon Harrington
309-826-8200309-826-8200 (Cell)
8U-9 Jessica Rivera Photography
Jessica Rivera
309-262-6144309-262-6144 (Cell)
8U-10 Twin Cities Smile Photography
Allyson Altshue
217-828-9063217-828-9063 (Cell)
8U-11 Central Illinois Spine
Micah Denniston
309-808-9232309-808-9232 (Cell)
8U-12 Drapery Decor
Chad Thomsen
309-212-9246309-212-9246 (Cell)