Games 12U

Summer 2021  -  Softball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
12U-1 Laura Thompson Remax
Ryan Cook
12U-2 Team Relocation
Josey Schouweiler
309-678-1778309-678-1778 (Cell)
12U-3 Central Illinois Spine
Brian Preston
309-830-4095309-830-4095 (Cell)

12U-4 Katie Bashary State Farm
Jessica Wargo
309-846-5866309-846-5866 (Cell)
12U-5 Orthodontic Associates
Kylie Mae Bell
309-706-2765309-706-2765 (Cell)
12U-6 Julie Duncan - Berkshire Hathaway
Randy Roser
309-825-1973309-825-1973 (Cell)
12U-7 Carl's Ice Cream
Thad Walker
309-846-2404309-846-2404 (Cell)
12U-8 Double Play Hitting and Pitching Facility
Steve Ekhoff
309-212-9774309-212-9774 (Cell)