Co-Ed Softball B 2022

Summer 2022  -  Softball - Adult

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Michelle Harriman
207-542-7088207-542-7088 (Cell)
Wendell Harriman
207-992-6246207-992-6246 (Cell)
Average Joes
Chris Plain
207-299-6241207-299-6241 (Cell)
Captain Larlee
Timothy Pfaff
207-561-0774207-561-0774 (Cell)
Chapel Hill
Benjamin gargan
207-356-4038207-356-4038 (Cell)
Dirt Ballahs
Andy Rios
207-951-3752207-951-3752 (Cell)
Sarah Rios
207-659-4784207-659-4784 (Cell)
Go Yard or Go Home
Brendan Armstrong
415-269-2136415-269-2136 (Cell)
Skylar D Beard
207-279-0775207-279-0775 (Cell)
One Hit Wonders
Cynthia Currier
207-944-2658207-944-2658 (Cell)
Scott Daigle
207-436-0819207-436-0819 (Cell)
Soft Serve
Mat Bragg
207-478-8620207-478-8620 (Cell)
The Hu
Rebecca Beverage
207-423-2011207-423-2011 (Cell)
Young Guns
Matthew Schmidt
207-320-0133207-320-0133 (Cell)