Boys 1st grade

Winter 2018-2019  -  Basketball - Youth

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Camelot 76ers
Phil Pavlik
Camelot Heat
Mark Craft
Camelot Magic
Paul D Sylvia - Coach
Camelot Nets
Jay Brizzolara - Head Coach
Paul Volpe - Assistant Coach
Frontier Rockets
Michael Price
Ryan Stevens
Pioneer Suns
Jamie Swaim - Coach
773-726-3394773-726-3394 (Cell)
Jason White - Assistant
816-721-8865816-721-8865 (Cell)
Mondays 5-6pm @ Pioneer Park - Practice Slot / Time
Practice Slot / Time (Cell)
Pioneer Thunder
Chris Farkas - Coaches
847-561-4041847-561-4041 (Cell)
Tricia Farkas - Coaches
847-561-4041847-561-4041 (Cell)

Fridays 6-7pm @ Pioneer Park - Practice Slot / Time
Practice Slot / Time (Cell)
Recreation Bucks
Sean Koelbl - Coach
Recreation Cavaliers
Paul LaMonica
Recreation Jazz
Peter Castaneda - Coach
Recreation Lakers
Matt McDonnell
Recreation Raptors
Sean Juhl
Mike Brown