Boys - 1st Grade

Winter 2017-2018  -  Basketball - Youth

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Camelot Magic
Bradley Foster - Head Coach
Phil Copersmet
Camelot Nets
Peter Michalakos
Frontier Clippers
Frontier Rockets
Keaton Durham
Andre Glenn
847-342-8715847-342-8715 (Home)
708-870-8837708-870-8837 (Cell)
Frontier Spurs
Greg Korb
Mike Hejna
Pioneer Pacers
Pete Pacilio - Coach
847-942-4946847-942-4946 (Cell)
Sam Carlson - Assistant
312-735-0082312-735-0082 (Cell)
Practive Wed. 6-7
Pioneer Suns
Rob Haas - Coach
847-342-8119847-342-8119 (Cell)
Dan Rodgers - Assistant
847-668-4988847-668-4988 (Cell)

Practice Mon. 5-6
Pioneer Thunder
Doug McKenna - Coach
847-826-8605847-826-8605 (Cell)
David Strzyznski - Assistant
847-577-5450847-577-5450 (Cell)
Practice Mon. 6-7
Recreation Bucks
Craig Kersemeier
847-894-8781847-894-8781 (Cell)
Brian Larson
Wednesdays 5-6pm @ Rec - Practice Time
Recreation Bulls
Recreation Cavaliers
Mike LaMonica
847-651-5447847-651-5447 (Cell)
Recreation Lakers
Vince Galloro
773-520-1850773-520-1850 (Cell)
Recreation Raptors
Andrea Izenstark
847-804-6330847-804-6330 (Cell)