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Slow Pitch Recreational Softball Leagues

Monday Men's Church 'A',

Monday Men's Church 'B',

and Friday Co-Ed!


Congratulations to our 2018 Season Champs

Monday Men's Church A

Community Family - League Champs

Grace Episcopal - Tournament Champs


Monday Men's Church B

Open Door Community - League Champs

Immanuel United Methodist - Tournament Champs


Friday Co-Ed

The Avengers - League Champs

2018 Tournament Play began on
Friday, August 10th for Friday Co-Ed!  
Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on your league.
Please forward the web address to all your players AND fans!

We offer RECREATIONAL Slow Pitch Softball for adults of varying abilities, playing for fun, fellowship, and camaraderie. Be honest with yourself: Do you play for the fun of it ~ win or lose? For camaraderie and to have a good time? Where winning is NOT the only thing? THAT is what RECREATIONAL Slow Pitch Softball in Kenton County is all about!




Everyone and anyone can use this site! Everything to do with the season will be handled through this website. Please bookmark the site ~ you will be visiting it often.


Managers: Give the web address to your players and fans; they can all use it. Schedule changes due to rainouts will also be handled through the website and you'll see them added onto the schedule at the end of the season.


If you are the winning team manager, it is your responsibility to post the scores online or to call them in.


Rosters: During the regular season, and up until 4 weeks before the tournament is scheduled to begin, you may list as many as 20 players on your roster at any given time.


Liability Waiver and Rosters Submissions: Under 'Downloadable Files', you will find the Official U.S.S.S.A. Release of Liability/Roster forms for both Adult and Youth participants. Failure to turn in a completed roster will negate your team from Tournament participation! Print out the form(s) you need, record player first initial and last name, date of birth, and signature, and mail them to me at the address shown below, fax to 859-392-1923, or hand them to me when you see me.


Use the 'Downloadable Files' button in the above menu for Rules, Rosters and Directions!

SCHEDULE in Print Form: Want to print your individual team schedule? Just 'point' to your team name anywhere in the schedule, click, scroll down, and there you are! At the bottom of the list, click 'Print Team' and print!


Bye Week: For Monday Men's Church: A: With an 9-team league, each team will have one BYE in their schedule. B: With an 9-team league, each team will have one BYE in their schedule.  For Friday Co-Ed: With a 6-team league, there will be no Bye in the schedule and two teams each week will play a Double-Header. (Teams will still play a 9-week season, it just won't be a true 10-game round-robin season. However, that will fill Fields 2 and 5 at Middleton-Mills Park where all games are played with early and late games.)


NO GAMES on Holiday Weekends There will be no games scheduled for the holiday weekends of Memorial Day (May 25 & 28) and Independence Day (July 2 & 6). 


League Fees and Softballs: Fees for the season including a single-elimination tournament are $250 per team. League fees may be paid at any time before Friday, April 6 for each league. One dozen NEW U.S.S.S.A.-approved softballs are included with your league fee. Additional softballs will be available at $50 per dozen.


Umpires Fees: Umpires fees are $15 per team and are NOT included in your league fee. Each team will pay the Umpire directly before each game. A few words regarding Umpires: Without an Umpire, there is no game.

Respect the Umpire.


Rules: We play under U.S.S.S.A. rules with a few of our own mixed in. Please become familiar with your U.S.S.S.A. rules book and any NEW KCP&R league rules! Keep both with you during games.

Under 'Downloadable Files',
both the KCP&R rules and the U.S.S.S.A. rules will be available to be viewed or downloaded and printed from the website.


Games Start Times: In fairness to the Umpire and to the other team, be ready to play when your game is scheduled to begin. This is especially important at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season when daylight can be an issue.


Games will be played at Lincoln Ridge, Pioneer, and Middleton-Mills parks and will begin promptly at 6:15 pm and 7:15 pm. There will be an allowance made for a 15-minute Grace Period before the start of the 6:15 pm game ONLY. For EARLY games: If the  Grace Period is used and the 6:15 pm game gets underway at 6:30 pm, no new inning will start after 7:20 pm. The Umpire may also institute the Flip-Flop Format so that the second game will start at or before 7:30 pm.



Please remember ~ IT'S JUST A GAME! 


Field Conditions and Field Conditions Hotlines: If there has been recent rain, you may access the Field Conditions Hotlines/Websites on the day of your game.

Kenton County Parks & Recreation uses Rainout Line and our Field Availability telephone number is (859) 544-1700. You may now also check the status of a field on our website under Parks & Recreation on www.KentonCounty.org or download the Rainout Line app on your smartphone and search for “Kenton County Parks & Recreation”.



In Case of Rain at Game Time: Once the Field Conditions Hotline has been updated, it will NOT change later the same day. However, on game day, should weather deteriorate between when the Field Conditions Hotline has been updated and game time, it will be your responsibility to show up for your assigned game as if you will play the game. At that time, on site, the two Team Managers WITH the Umpire will determine whether or not the field is safe for you to play your game.


Under 'Downloadable Files', you will also find directions to Kenton County Ballfields, KCP&R Rules, U.S.S.S.A. Rules, and KCP&R League Records.


Awards: You will be playing for a league champion team trophy, T-shirts, and tournament seeding, and then a winning team trophy and T-shirts in the tournament. PLUS braggin' rights for an entire year!


Tournaments: Single-elimination tournaments for both Monday Men's Church leagues and for the Friday Co-Ed league will be played on Mondays and Fridays, respectively, at the end of the season for as many weeks as it takes. KCP&R will provide softballs during tournaments and you will continue to pay the Umpire for each game as you advance in the tournament.


Results from the 2017 season!
2017 Regular Season Champs & Tournament Champs
Monday Men's Church A
Community Family - League Champs
Grace Episcopal - Tournament Champs 
Monday Men's Church B
Immanuel Baptist - League Champs
Immanuel Baptist - Tournament Champs
 Friday Co-Ed 
The Avengers - League Champs
McGlovin - Tournament Champs
Congratulations to all!


Hey, let's make 2018 another enjoyable season of RECREATIONAL softball in Kenton County! Our rules are fairly simple. Play by the rules! Respect the Umpire!


If you have questions at any time, contact Rhonda Ritzi at (859) 525-PLAY (7529) or by e-mail at




Play Hard! Play Fair! Have FUN! Good Luck!

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