Client Testimonials

quoteThe more we use this software, the more impressed we are with its capabilities.quote Mike Vincent West Anchorage High School, Alaska
quoteThe all-around convenience of Quickscores is its selling point. I also love that I can log on from anywhere and check on my program from home.quote Ben Davis, Executive Director Preble County YMCA, Eaton, Ohio
quoteQuickScores is a big reason why I have been able to increase the number of teams that play in our leagues. I currently have 95 softball teams during the Spring season. When I started this job 3 years ago, it was common for there to be 60-70 teams playing in the Spring. If I had to schedule these leagues by hand, I would go crazy. Thanks QuickScores!! quote Dan Hibson, Athletics Coordinator Parks and Recreation, San Mateo, California
quoteWe are thrilled with QuickScores’ system AND our relationship(s) with their team. As a Basketball Academy, we don’t manage many traditional leagues, but—due to our wide range of activities—we take advantage of QuickScores’ versatility. Without exception, the QuickScores team members are accessible, friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. And they project a philosophy that every customer and every question is important. This is a a great system supported by great people! quote Bill Ivey, Founder Birmingham Basketball Academy
quoteI have fallen in LOVE with this program. I had over 200 hits the first week I went live with it. I published schedules on Friday and went on vacation. I came back on the following Thursday and to my surprise I did not have one phone call or email about schedules. UNBELIEVABLE. Thanks Tim for making such a great tool for us in the Athletic Field to utilize, you have made my job so much easier.quote Michael Hennech, Athletic Coordinator City Parks & Recreation Dept., Mansfield, TX
quoteQuickScores has provided me with the capability to schedule all eight levels of baseball, adult volleyball, and softball at a much faster rate. In addition to the reduction of time it takes per level of scheduling, there is also a reduced need for people to contact me directly. The reaction from our community to this website has been great. Everyone loves it.quote Tim Krehl, Athletic Coordinator Oregon Park District, Oregon, IL
quoteI like the scheduling and the message page. If a game is cancelled, our parents can just look on the web page. We also have downloadable registration forms, basketball rules, and coaches' information. I also like that I can e-mail the coaches using QuickScores.quote Gary Earnhardt, Sports Director South Rowan YMCA, China Grove, NC
quoteWE LOVE QUICKSCORES. We have been telling all our friends in different organizations about it.quote Tracey Rose, President Kosciusko County (Indiana) Soccer League
quoteThis web-site is GREAT – has already saved me a bunch of time. Very flexible. QuickScores is an efficient communications tool that simplifies the process of adjusting schedules and provides flexibility. Currently, I schedule flag football and soccer seven days a week. In the fall, I plan to expand my use of QuickScores and organize four other sports for middle and high school levels.quote Dave Cooney, Sports Director Huber Heights YMCA, Huber Heights, OH
quoteThis website will revolutionize how we run our leagues and tournaments within our sports program. Thank you for showing us your product as it will help us tremendously in our sports program.quote Tim Davis, Intramural Director Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC
quoteI just want to thank you for creating such a wonderful program that has streamlined and made my department look more professional and organized.quote Kyle Benedict, Sports Director South Montgomery County YMCA, The Woodlands, TX
quoteQuickScores has really exceeded my expectations. Currently, I'm using QuickScores for 18 leagues with more than 200 teams involved. I plan to expand our use of it so all leagues can utilize the online service.quote Ray Bielskis, Superintendent of Recreation Byron Park District, Byron, IL
quoteMy athletes love QuickScores. It is one of the main reasons we have nearly doubled the number of teams in our leagues in less than a year. Plus, QuickScores has literally saved me hundreds of hours with their scheduling technology. It is absolutely 100% without a doubt, the best scheduling service available. It is worth every penny!quote Dan Hibson, Adult Sports League Coordinator San Mateo Parks & Rec, California has been everything I could ask for and more. It allows me to create schedules with my parameters. I use for adult softball and basketball leagues to youth basketball and soccer leagues. Creating schedules, moving games, contacting coaches, and creating playoff schedules has never been easier. has helped me improve my leagues and will continue to do so in the future.quote Jen Tiltges, Leisure Services Supervisor Northbrook Park District, Northbrook, Illinois
quoteQuickScores has been an awesome tool for us!quote Jody Gambrell, Associate Minister of Recreation Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL was so appealing because it gave us the ability to have more contact with parents and participants in our Recreation Basketball Program. We are able to highlight both scores and players for each game. In addition, we are able to make quick schedule changes if needed, and get the word out to parents and participants efficiently.quote Geoffrey Porter, Recreation Coordinator City Recreation Dept., Farmington, CT
quoteWith today's hectic school and work schedules, it can be hard to keep a handle on children's activities. The YMCA wants to remain on the cutting edge of technology, while making it easy for parents to get the information they need. It's all about making communication simple, and this website gives parents another option.quote Cindy Ferguson, Assn VP of Program Development YMCA of Greater Houston, Houston, TX
quoteUpdating the scores, creating schedules, e-mailing coaches, and placing multiple schedules in one area is so convenient and easy, we may never go back to our former way of doing these tasks.quote Asa Shelton, Recreation Center Manager Hoover Recreation Center, Hoover, AL
quoteYou guys have saved me so much time and have made my program much more professional and dialed in for the parents and players. Thank you.quote Patrick Menton, Program Director Winona Family YMCA
quoteIt is quick, accessible, and easy to put schedules online. It gives lots of information to the coaches and players about when their team plays. You can also do tournaments, which for us is a big plus. We have received a lot of positive feedback, and we can set up a league, even a doubleheader league, in just a few minutes.quote Ben Reeves, Parks & Recreation Superintendent City Parks & Recreation Dept., Denison, TX
quoteBefore we began using QuickScores, the sports director for each YMCA was using different software or doing manual scheduling. Everything we wanted to do was part of the QuickScores package. It is a major step forward for our organization, and is really allowing us to better serve our members. Everyone here is enthusiastic about it.quote Mike Roark, Executive Director Edmond YMCA, Edmond, OK
quoteI watched your short video last week. It's good! I agreed with it all. We truely do appreciate the League Scheduling web site you have developed - so easy even I can use it; That in itself is saying something!!!! So thanks.quote Dana Miller, Recreation Coordinator/Sports Conejo Recreation & Park District, Thousand Oaks, CA
quoteQuickScores is a breeze to use, and it gets information to the teams and parents fast. It also makes it fun for kids and parents to check the team standings.quote Joe Finney, Sports Director East Rowan YMCA, Rockwell, NC
quoteYour site does everything we could ask for as far as scheduling and tracking for the entire association. The Teams love it, the coaches love it, and the Kingman Softball Association loves it. Thanks! quote Chris Heitman, Board Member & Webmaster Kingman (Arizona) Softball Association
quoteThe most appealing aspect of QuickScores is the opportunity to put out information to the masses. It allows for better time management when you don't have to field so many questions that can be otherwise answered on the website.quote Paul Carrillo, Sports Director Chandler/Gilbert YMCA, Chandler, AZ
quoteThanks for all of your help! Thank goodness you have this service. It makes my life SO much easier!quote Stephanie Bartlett, Aquatics & Athletics Coordinator City Parks & Recreation Dept., Bedford, TX
quoteMy sports staff and myself are completely satisfied with QuickScores. We hear so many compliments from our participants. It has made all of our jobs much easier being able to communicate and be better organized. QuickScores has been one of the best upgrades that we have ever done for our program.quote Jeff Sofet, Executive Director Braundera/Northwest YMCA's, San Antonio, TX
quoteYour program has been a GREAT resource for us over the past year. Thanks for your service, it has enhanced our sports programs!!quote Scott Harper, Executive Director Conroe YMCA, Conroe, TX has allowed me the flexibility to schedule my leagues under my terms, giving me the tools I need to produce accurate, balanced schedules in a fraction of the time needed to do them by hand. In addition, the customer service provided by staff is second to none.quote Clinton Babicz, Athletics Program Manager Glen Ellyn Park District, Glen Ellyn, IL
quoteI would like to Thank You for your website. All of my coaches and parents are thrilled that the YMCA has stepped into the 21st century!!! It has cut out 75% of the phone calls that I receive for information and deadline day for registrations is not as crazy.quote Lindsay Ransom, Sports Director Downtown YMCA, Topeka, KS
quoteThank you, Tim, Denny and all your staff for QuickScores!!! I love it!! I feel like a kid with a new toy. I only wish I had discovered you sooner. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from staff, coaches, parents and players. quote Bill O'Brien, Senior Athletic Director Sterling House Community Center, Stratford, CT
quoteYou guys have solved problems I didn't even know I would have!quote Larry Head, President of Softball League Robson Ranch, TX
quoteI just wanted to let you and everyone at QuickScores know that we are so pleased with your service. It has made our leagues run very smoothly this year. Many of our teams and players have complimented us on how easy it is to access all of our league information. Pretty much everything that a team or player would need to know can be found on our QuickScores website. Your customer service is excellent and any time I had a question Elliott Collins would respond almost immediately. He really helped me out in learning how to navigate through all of the features.quote Drew Tuttle, Program Coordinator Township of Woodbridge, NJ
quoteWe have been a customer of yours since June of last summer and I have to say it is the best thing to happen to our sports programs that I am involved in. Easy to use, easy to navigate and very cost efficient. Not only that, I need to commend the customer service that I have received since becoming a customer. I love the personal touch that I have experienced with everyone with whom I have contact with there. Elliott has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! I will recommend QuickScores to anyone and will always be thankful to Elliott for his outstanding customer service. quote Chris Welborn, Supervisor Barrington Park District, Barrington, IL
quoteYa’ll never cease to amaze me with how you all have gone above and beyond to help me out time after time. I can honestly say, with my multifaceted job, I feel better about my working relationship with QuickScores and your staff more than I do any other business I deal with.quote Luke Williams, Recreation Coordinator Gainesville Texas Parks & Recreation
quoteYou guys are the best! I love how you are always ready to take suggestions and then make them happen!quote Solveig Hackleman Amenity Athletics, Jacksonville, FL
quoteThank you, for your program, it makes our jobs sooooo much easier!!quote Elizabeth Sosa, Superintendent of Recreation Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District
quoteYour website is awesome! During a tournament, your software has totally eliminated people coming up to me and asking when they play and where they play and who they play. It complements what we are doing so effortlessly. There is enough drama to worry about during a tournament and not having to manage the brackets, scores or questions only brings an amazing level of professionalism. Thanks again for everything. Your software does exactly what we need it to do, your service is just as amazing, and your follow up is tremendous.quote Foster Watabe, Hockey Coordinator Provo UT Peaks Ice Arena
quoteTim, I can’t say thank you enough to you and your amazing developers at QuickScores! The scheduling task of a Sports Director of a program of 600+ athletes in five different sports every eight weeks use to be a nightmare! With the many amazing functions of QuickScores, my job is so much easier, nothing better than importing, multi-team coaches, emailing, texting and so much more from the ease of one site. Not to mention the amazing support that YOU personally ALWAYS give me. Thanks for thinking outside the box and always listening for new suggestions (most of which you have already thought of). Happy to have Quickscores on my team!quote Deborah Rothstein, Sports Director Valley of the Sun YMCA, Phoenix, AZ
quoteYou guys are the best and made my job a million times better with your product. Thanks for everything.quote Aaron Zimmerman, Sports Director New Canaan YMCA, New Canaan, CT
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What are clients saying about our sports league scheduling software? QuickScores has literally saved me hundreds of hours with their scheduling technology. It is without a doubt the best scheduling service available. – City of San Mateo, CA