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2018 DATES
Team commitments are due on March 5
Registrations are due to Heidi on March 18
Schedules will be out on March 21st for the two week of changes
Please note, these are the correct # of players on the field per age group:
U7/U8  6 players
U9/U10  7 players
U11/U12 9 players
U13/U14/U15 11 players
in all of these cases, one of those players is a goalie
U7-4 10 min quarters
U8-2 20 min halves
U9/U10 2 25 min halves (no offside yet U9, U10 will have offside)
U11/U12 2 30 min halves (offside)
U13/14/15 2 35 min halves (offside)
no INTENTIONAL heading U11 and below:results in an indirect kick
U7/U8 can punt from the 6 yard box
U7/U8 all INDIRECT kick on fouls
Referee fees for Spring 2018  
U7-U8  $25
U9-U10 $30
U11-U12 $35
U13-U14 $40
LCSL President: Paul Grabo   pgrabo1212@aol.com
LCSL Vice President: Bryan Chambers  bchambers2462@live.com
LCSL Scheduler: Jodie Hayes     loraincountysoccer2014@gmail.com
LCSL Registrar:  Heidi Chambers  lcslregistrar@gmail.com
LCSL Treasurer  Debbie Rader    loraincountysoccer2017@gmail.com
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Next LCSL Meeting : Wednesday April 4, 2018 @ 8 PM

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