QuickScores Features

Example of standings on a league schedule QuickScores.com is a website that benefits two distinct groups of users:

  • Sports administrators who are tasked with creating schedules of games between teams or individuals.

  • Athletes and coaches who need to know when their games are scheduled, and want to see the resulting scores and standings after the games have been played.

Quickly and easily create and configure your leagues and schedules

Quickly define your league and create a 
				schedule using our intelligent scheduling software QuickScores makes it very quick and easy for an administrator to create a new league, define the teams in the league, define when games will be played during a week, and then generate the resulting schedule of games. Because the schedule is visible to everyone on the QuickScores website, the administrator no longer needs to "kill trees" by printing multiple copies of the schedule on paper and snail-mailing the paper to the team captains, who inevitably must make more copies to hand out to all of the team members.

Post schedules, results and rain-outs with ease

When rain-outs occur, the league administrator can reschedule the games online in seconds, and the new schedule is instantly available to all team captains and players.

Post game scores and reschedule games after 
				rainouts When games are played, the league administrator can quickly and easily post the scores online. The individual games results, as well as the automatically-generated league standings, are displayed on QuickScores, instantly.

All schedule creations, rain-out rescheduling, and posting of results are performed by the league administrator on the password-protected administrative screens. The QuickScores staff ensures the website software works correctly and provides technical support as needed, but does not enter any of the data. Because league administrators have complete control over their own data, there are no middle-men or bottlenecks to slow down communications with the athletes, coaches and parents.

For players, QuickScores provides a very quick and easy way for them to see their team's schedule, from home or work, to review their own game results as well as their opponents, and to see the league standings that show how their team ranks compared to the other teams in the league. Because the players and coaches stay so well informed about the league status, they make drastically fewer phone calls, and send fewer emails, to the league administrator asking for information.

Online registration

Let your players register and pay 
				online using our flexible online registration system QuickScores offers a full online registration capability that is flexible enough to do even more. Robust editor software allows any custom form to be created, either starting from scratch or modifying any one of several template forms. The customized form can be published to the web to allow teams or individual athletes to submit their information. After the information is submitted, the user can pay the registration fee by credit card. While sports registration is the primary intent of these forms, the software is flexible enough to allow registration for non-sporting events, as well as gather information for opinion polls or background checks. Information gathered through the forms is available in many ways - emailed to the event administrator, visible online in tabular format, printable, and downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet.

For more information, read this Online Registration FAQ.

Pricing that everyone can afford

Our simple per-team pay-as-you-go pricing makes it a no-risk no-brainer to give QuickScores a try. We don't charge to set up your website, and we don't charge you for the hour or more of personal training. We give you a free two-week trial so that you don't have to make a commitment until you've actually tried the software on your own.

When you do finally tell us that you want to use QuickScores, we don't require you to sign a long-term contract. There's no contract at all. If you use QuickScores for one season and decide you don't like it for any reason, you can simply stop. No penalties, no early termination fees. This has never happened before. No one has ever quit because they were unhappy or dissatisfied with the service, but we accept the remote possibility of it happening someday.

Because we charge on a per-team basis, your QuickScores costs are proportional to the size of your sports program. If you have a small program with a small number of teams, you pay a small amount. If you have a large program with a large number of teams, you pay a proportionately larger amount. Our nominal fees can very easily be passed along to your teams and athletes.

Web-based software is best for you

Web-based software has a huge advantage over PC-based software. First, there is no one special PC where the software and its database is installed. With web-based software, you access exactly the same software along with your entire database, no matter when or where you access the internet.

Second, with PC-based software, you’re stuck with the same version, usually for years, until you can afford to buy an upgrade. With web-based software, every time you go to the website, you are using the very latest and greatest software available. QuickScores software online has been improved and enhanced every week for six years, and that will continue.

Third, no matter how good the PC-based software is, the results are still stuck on that PC. You still have the challenge of getting those results out to your players, coaches and parents. With web-based software, the results can be instantly published to the entire world. Web-based software combines the calculating power of a web-server with the communication power of the internet.

Create and modify schedules easily

  • Automatic schedule generation
  • Any number of teams
  • Any number of games per week and per season
  • Any number of locations and days per week
  • Block out particular dates, times and/or locations in schedules
  • Detailed analysis of schedules to see balance. Analysis is automatically recalculated when the schedule is manually changed.
  • Check for conflicts for multi-team coaches
  • Quickly and easily modify date, time, location or teams for any or all games
  • Manually reschedule or add games in seconds
  • Add comments or notes to any game
  • Add notations to the schedule for holidays or rain-outs
  • Easily add or delete teams at the last minute
  • Copy schedules to save time
  • Share a common schedule on multiple organization websites
  • Check for conflicting games across all leagues
  • Predefine end-of-season playoff tournaments
  • Double-header schedules, where every team plays two back-to-back games on one night against two different opponents
  • Create games with teams from another league, with optional standings impact

Develop a wide variety of tournament brackets

  • Wide variety of brackets available, including pool tournaments
  • Support any number of teams up to 64
  • Modify brackets as teams are added or deleted
  • Modify tournament seeding
  • Randomly seed a tournament
  • Quickly define dates, times and locations for all games
  • Automatically moves teams to the next round when results are posted
  • Automatically builds tournament standings as game results are posted
  • Show results online as they are posted
  • Display multiple brackets for any tournament division or league

Post scores easily and standings instantly

  • Post league scores in a matter of minutes
  • Standings are posted automatically as scores are entered, as determined by your predefined tie-breaker settings
  • User-defined scoring criteria for number of points for win, loss or tie and number of scores per match
  • Ability to hide or display tie-breaker criteria
  • Set different standings and scoring options for each sport

Banner Ads

  • Display banners ads as desired
  • Include links to sponsor’s website
  • No QuickScores fee for the ads – organization retains 100% of fees collected
  • Automatic resizing of banner images
  • Display ads on home page, other pages, by sport or by league

Game Officials

  • Maintain a list of officials for any or all sports
  • Allows officials to maintain their contact information
  • Assign officials to games
  • Automatically notify officials of games assignments
  • Allow officials to accept or decline game assignments online
  • Officials are automatically notified of game changes, allowing them to accept or decline the new game time
  • Extensive reporting for assignor and officials
  • Earnings report shows amount due to officials for games worked

Instant communications with players, coaches and families

  • Each organization has a unique web address
  • Extensive home page that you build with simple tools
  • Build additional pages as needed
  • Display schedules on any web page
  • Unique message areas on your website for each league or location
  • Locations displayed with auto-generated maps
  • Modify your home page when you need to
  • Post schedule changes when they happen
  • Schedules, scores, standings and tournaments posted online as they are entered
  • Hide or show scores, standings and game winners
  • Show standings, scores and schedules for an entire league or a particular team
  • Show all or part of your schedule through a specified date
  • Public access to files you want to share (Stats, rules, rosters, etc.)
  • Hide schedules while they are built and show to the public when you are ready
  • Email or text any coach, league, group of leagues or all leagues
  • Emails may include attachments and a link to the coach’s schedule

Efficient online registration

  • Create registration forms to meet your exact needs
  • Simple form creation process
  • Create new forms, copy existing forms, or use existing template forms
  • Register with or without payment online
  • Payments sent to you via PayPal whenever you want, as either direct deposit or paper check
  • Allows payment online via VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal or electronic check
  • Allows walk-in registrations
  • Detailed information on each registrant as they register plus spreadsheets of all registrants, including payment details
  • Fixed $1.00 fee charged by QuickScores for every form submitted.
  • Online accounting reports to show how much you have collected, and how much you owe QuickScores in fees


  • Always using the latest version of the software
  • 24/7 access to players, coaches, friends and family
  • No need to define access for each user
  • Receive new features as they become available

Priced to fit ANY budget

  • No contract required
  • No setup fee
  • No fee for technical support
  • Simple cost of $6.00 per team per season for leagues
  • $8.00 per team per season when using Officials feature
  • $4.50 per team per tournament
  • $5.50 per team per tournament when using Officials feature
  • Use as much or as little as you like
  • No minimum term
  • Minimum $120 per year may apply

What makes a “good” schedule?

The measure of a schedule's quality has many different, sometimes conflicting, aspects. The following lists some of the issues QuickScores takes into account when creating a schedule.

  • In a round-robin league, each team plays every other team the same number of times. In a fractional round-robin league, such as eight teams playing a ten-game season, a team may play some opponents more often than other opponents, but there will never be more than one game difference.
  • All teams are distributed equally across the available game days, venues and times. No team has a disproportionate number of early games or late games, nor weekend games versus weekday games.
  • The schedule has complete flexibility in terms of when and where a league plays, meaning a league can play on multiple days, fields and times, and no day-field-time selection affects any other day-field-time selection.
  • All teams have the same number of home and away games.
  • If a team plays multiple times in a week and the league plays on multiple days, that team's games should be distributed across the days to minimize the chance of a double-header on a particular day. If a team must play two games on the same day, those games should be on consecutive time-slots and on the same field.
  • In leagues with odd numbers of teams, optionally replace the byes in early weeks by moving up games from late weeks. This not only minimizes the number of byes (every team wants to play every week), it shortens the season as much as possible and leaves the maximum number of bye games at the end of the season for rain-outs.
  • The schedule must be able to block out specific days, such as national holidays, and still have an optimal distribution on the remaining days that are played.
  • Flexibility in terms of games per week, such as teams playing one game per week for part of the season and two games per week for the rest of the season. This includes varying the number of games per week in order to stretch the season out to a particular desired end-date.

Why Are Schedules Difficult?

Even moderately small leagues can be created in an incredibly large number of ways. Take for example an eight-team league playing a single round-robin (once against each of the other seven teams), playing one night a week at four different times, such as Friday night at 6 PM, 7 PM 8 PM or 9 PM. Once you have created a first draft schedule for this league, how many ways can those games be rearranged in order to achieve the goal of all teams having the same number of 6, 7, 8 and 9 PM games?

There are more than four billion ways! 4,586,471,424 ways to be exact. Optimizing a schedule has been studied by mathematicians for decades, but so far there is no direct mathematical solution (like solving three simultaneous equations with three unknowns). A home PC or webserver would take days or weeks to tediously test all four billion possibilities while searching for the optimal schedule.

The only practical way to optimize a schedule is to have an algorithm that intelligently tests and evaluates only a tiny subset of the total possibilities, rejecting the changes that make the schedule worse (according to a complicated set of criterion) and accepting those changes which improve the schedule. QuickScores contains such an intelligent and proprietary algorithm that yields perfect, or nearly perfect, schedules while only testing a few hundred alternatives. The resulting schedule is calculated on the webserver in only a few seconds and is virtually guaranteed to be better than any schedule created by hand.

In the example given above, for each of the 4 billion possible game arrangements, there are more than 268 million ways to arrange the teams in terms of home and away designation. QuickScores contains a second proprietary algorithm to optimize the home-away distributions for each team.

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What are clients saying about our sports league scheduling software? QuickScores has literally saved me hundreds of hours with their scheduling technology. It is without a doubt the best scheduling service available. – City of San Mateo, CA