QuickScores FAQ

The easiest way is to click on the “Free Trial: Sign up Now!” tab above and tell us a few basic facts about you and your sports organization. If all you want is to ask a few questions, no problem. We’ll email you back the answers. If you want a short demo, we’ll call you back for a ten minute demo over the phone while we’re both looking at the website.

If you want a free two week trial, we’ll set up a website for you, and call you to schedule a training session. We don’t like to just give someone a login and say, “Good luck! I hope you can figure out how to use the website!” We’ve tried that in the past and found that people miss at least half the features – usually the coolest, most powerful features.

We prefer to take the more personal approach. Someone at QuickScores will personally walk you through your new trial website and show you how easy it is to use, including all of the most powerful features. The training session takes 60 to 90 minutes over the phone while you’re actively using your website. At the end of the training session, you’ll have a fully-functional website and you’re ready to do whatever you want on your own for a two-week trial period.

There are no set-up fees, monthly fees, or annual fees. The costs are strictly pay as you go and in proportion to how many teams you have.

The cost for a league is $6.00 per team for the period of the league, including any end of season playoff. For a typical team with ten or more players, this averages out to 60 cents or less per player.

The cost for a stand-alone tournament is $4.50 per team, where a stand-alone tournament is defined as any event that lasts seven days or less.

One of the recent changes to QuickScores is the ability to manage a list of officials and assign them to games. This feature adds $2.00 per team to the league fee, making it $8.00 per team or adds $1.00 per team for tournaments, making the fee $5.50 per team for a stand-alone tournament. Only the leagues or tournaments where officials are assigned in QuickScores will be billed at the higher rate. Leagues and tournaments not using the official assignment feature will be invoiced at the normal $6.00 or $4.50 per team fee.

For those few sports, like tennis or racquetball, where a “team” is typically only one or two players, the cost is $3.00 per team for a league or $2.25 for a tournament.

A typical recreational league runs between 6 and 10 weeks in duration. If a league duration is longer than 16 weeks (for example, some bowling leagues run 32 weeks or longer), we reserve the right to charge a larger fee per team.

Clients are subject to an annual advanced payment of $120 for scheduling and registration fees, payable within 7 days of the initial invoice for the minimum fee. As the site is used, the scheduling fees will be deducted from the $120. If the $120 is exhausted within a year, invoices will be sent for each subsequent event. On the anniversary, the client will be charged another $120.

For pricing examples, read the Pricing Sheet.

We know that you may be adding or subtracting teams from your leagues and tournaments down to the last minute. And we know that you may occasionally have a team drop out on the first night of play. (Fortunately, QuickScores makes it easy to handle those last minute changes.) We assume that five days after the start of your league, your schedule will be finalized with the correct number of teams and you will be billed for the number of teams in the event on that date. Tournaments are billed immediately after the start of the tournament.

We email an invoice to you, and that invoice is also available for you to download from your website. After you have received the invoice, you have 30 days in which to make payment. You can pay by sending us a check, paying with a credit card on QuickScores, or having us directly debit your bank account.

No. All of the software is embedded in the website, so there is nothing to download.

Yes. Unlike many of our competitors that merely display schedules that you had to create manually, QuickScores will create schedules for you from scratch in just two or three minutes. The scheduling software in QuickScores has no limitations, which means you can create a schedule with any number of teams, any number of games per week at any number of days, times and venues, and any number of games per season. The schedules are optimized in several ways so that, for example, no team has all of the early or late games, and each team has the same number of home and away games.

Yes, but first let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing, because there are at least three different definitions of “double-header schedules”. The simplest double-header schedule only has one or two teams playing a double-header each week, such as when seven teams play four games in a week, one team will always get a double-header. QuickScores can easily create this type of schedule.

Another simple type of double-header league has the same two teams playing two identical back-to-back games, such as what Major League Baseball teams occasionally do. This type of schedule is very simple to create, is relatively boring for the teams involved, and QuickScores does create this type of schedule.

The third type of double-header league is very popular among softball players and is extremely difficult to create - but QuickScores does it. Every team plays two games every week, against two different opponents, the double-headers are back-to-back on consecutive times, and every team has the same number of early, middle and late games during the season. QuickScores can create this type of schedule for any number of teams and any arrangement of fields and times on a given day. Go to www.quickscores.com/asa for some sample schedules. We’ve compared against two dozen of our competitors and haven’t found a single one that can create comparable schedules.

Yes, either for league playoffs or for a stand-alone tournament. We can draw up to 64 teams in the following types of brackets:

   1.   Single Elimination
   2.   Double Elimination
   3.   Consolation (portrait)
   4.   Consolation (landscape)
   5.   Single Elimination with 3rd/4th place game
   6.   Consolation (portrait) with 3rd/4th place game
   7.   Double Elimination with no IF game
   8.   Double Elimination with ASA sanctioned brackets

QuickScores can also create “pool tournaments” where small pools of teams play round-robins, and the results of the round-robin games are used to seed any of the tournament brackets.

Yes. QuickScores allows you to create any form that you wish, and gives you a jump start with several template forms that you can modify. You may assign any registration fee you wish to a form. After an athlete has filled out the form and clicked Submit, the athlete is taken to a secure web page in which to enter their credit card information.

QuickScores provides online registration to sports organizations for a very nominal fee per form. There are no up-front costs nor monthly or annual fees. Each of our clients obtains their own merchant account through PayPal, the financial arm of eBay. (We will give you detailed instructions on how to do so.) When an athlete chooses to register online, QuickScores facilitates the collection of the athlete's money so that it is deposited into your PayPal account. QuickScores records the registration information and gives you numerous ways to sort, filter, and view that information. QuickScores also records the accounting information about how much money was collected, from whom, and when, but the money itself is never in the possession of QuickScores.

PayPal, as with all other credit card processors, charges a fee on every financial transaction, and that fee is subtracted from the athlete's money before it is deposited into your PayPal account. QuickScores charges a $1.00 fee for every submitted form, whether money is collected or not. QuickScores will periodically send you an invoice to collect the accumulated QuickScores fees.

All registration money collected remains in your PayPal account until you request PayPal send it to you. You may request your money at any time, and choose either direct deposit to your bank account or paper check via the Post Office.

While this feature was primarily added for sports registrations and the collection of money, the software is flexible enough to do much more. The registration forms can be used for non-sports, such as registering for dance classes or buying theater tickets. The forms can also be used to gather information without collecting any money, such as conducting surveys and opinion polls, employment applications, or background checks.

For more information, read the Online Registration FAQ.

QuickScores does not charge any setup, monthly or annual fees. QuickScores fees are strictly based on usage. QuickScores charges $1.00 for each form submitted online, regardless of whether a financial transaction occurs or not. These are invoiced by QuickScores and not deducted directly from your PayPal account.

The credit card fees are set by PayPal and subject to change. As of July 1, 2013, the PayPal Fee equals $0.30 plus 2.9% of the Total Amount. The percentage may be lower, depending on how much money you collected in the previous month.

For pricing examples for various forms, read the Pricing Sheet.

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