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Welcome To The

2015 Super Series World Series
in Round Rock, Tx
Time Limits:
7u = (Pool) 1hr 15min - (Bracket) 1hr 40min
8u, 9u, 10u = (Pool) 1hr 30min - (Bracket) 1hr 40min 
11u, 12u = (Pool) 1hr 40min - (Bracket) 1hr 40min
13u, 14u = (Pool) 1hr 40min - (Bracket) 1hr 50min
15u, 16u, 17u-18u = (Pool) 2hrs 0min - (Bracket) 2hrs 15min
The "Texas Tie-Breaker" shall be utilized when time has expired
and after the last inning (6 or 7) for tied games.
No time limit on Semi-Finals/Championship Games.
7u - 12u = 6 innings
13u - 18u = 7 innings 
Congratulations to our SKILLS winners:
8U Around the Field:  Austin Elite - 15.36 seconds
8U Flying Spikes: Impact (Logan Johnson & Drew Cobb) - 24.46 seconds
9U Around the Field:  STX Outlaws - 13.56 seconds
9U Flying Spikes:  Laredo .45's (Noah Mendoza & Brytton Clements) - 27.35
9U Home Run Derby:  Hayden Capers (CPYL Blue Sox) - 8 Shots
10U Around the Field: KRB Bandits - 13.00 seconds
10U Flying Spikes:  Houston SCS (Tristan Brown & Christian Pitts) - 24.34 seconds
10U Home Run Derby - Dallas Tigers (Logan Young) - 8 dingers
11U Around the Field:  Austin Dirtbags - 11.5
11U Flying Spikes:  CPYL Renegades (Josiah Demps & Joseph Rajo) - 26.51
11U Home Run Derby:  CPYL Renegades (Adam Vaughn) - 6 Over the Fence 
12U Around the Field:  Austin Vipers - 11.79 seconds
12U Flying Spikes: Austin Vipers (Luke Hindman & Gavin Clayton) - 23.92 seconds
12U Home Run Derby: Stevenville Sox (Daniel Luna) - 13 trips around the dish
13U Around the Field:  MCN Baseball - 12.91
13U Flying Spikes: Round Rock Crush (Daniel Jenkins & Braeden Richter) - 28.79
13U Home Run Derby:  Waco Raqmpage (Kevin Ibarra) - 10 moon shots
14U Around the Field: Austin Horns - 12.9 seconds
14U Flying Spikes: Team Combat (Mark Villereal & William Leija) - 29.51 seconds
14U Home Run Derby: Austin Horns (Dylan Savino) - 6 bombs

2015 Super Series World Series (Odd Age) Baseball

2015 Super Series World Series (Even Age) Baseball