Time Limits:
9u, 10u = (Pool) 1hr 30min - (Bracket) 1hr 40min 
11u, 12u = (Pool) 1hr 40min - (Bracket) 1hr 50min
13u, 14u = (Pool) 1hr 50min - (Bracket) 2hr
16u= (Pool) 2hrs - (Bracket) 2hrs 15min
4th GAME GUARANTEE CONSOLATION GAMES for each age will use their respective age POOL PLAY TIME LIMIT
These games CAN end in a TIE EXCEPT in divisions that have 7 teams (9U & 14 Majors) in which at 9U the 1:30 PM game on Field 4 Upper needs a winner as that winner gets bonus baseball and plays again at 3:30 PM. The 11:15 14U Major game needs a winner and gets bonus baseball as the winner plays at 1:30 P.M.
In bracket play the following tie-breaker will be used IF TIME HAS EXPIRED and the game is tied:
  • Last 3 BATTERS from the previous inning occupy the bases
  • 1 out 
Championship Games play extra innings until a winner is established. 
No time limit Championship Games
7u - 12u = 6 innings
13u - 18u = 7 innings 

2015 Super Series Winter Nationals Baseball