We at the SouthWest Elite Athletic Talent, SWEAT, are tremendously grateful to everyone who participated in and contributed to the fifth annual Labor Day Classic youth basketball tournament on September 4-6, 2015. In all, over 80 teams and with over 600 athletes traveled and competed this past weekend. We can’t help but be so thankful to the players, coaches, and families for making this year’s event arguably the most exciting and competitive event in the history of basketball tournaments in our city of Las Cruces. Certainly there are things we can improve, and we are committed to making the necessary changes and adjustments with the goal of developing our SWEAT events (the Labor Day Classic and the Rio Grande Showdown) into the best basketball tournaments in our city.

We wish we could thank all of you personally and we hope this letter would suffice of our gratitude. I wanted to take this opportunity to pass along a big THANK YOU to everyone that made the 2015 Labor Day Classic such a special experience: 

•    To our players, parents, coaches and participants. Congratulations to everyone that participated and those who won their divisions! 

•    To our volunteers. An event of this size would not have been possible without your selfless commitment to our sport and the event. You worked tirelessly to coordinate all of the “little things” that are so important to making sure our players and coaches have a great tournament experience.    

•    To our officials. Officiating at an event of this size can be daunting as we navigated the complexities of scheduling events and courts, but you were patient and cooperative, working with tournament staff and coaches to provide the best possible experience.  

•    To our tournament gym managers. Managing an event this size isn’t easy, and you came through like champions! Even with the substantial amount of planning that went into the event, your ability and willingness to identify issues and rectify them immediately was nothing short of outstanding. With over 9 courts in 5 locations you went above and beyond the call of duty to serve our players and coaches. Thank you to New Mexico State University and Las Cruces Public schools for the use of their facilities.

•    To our event sponsor, Las Cruces Convention and Visitors Bureau. With your contribution to the Labor Day Classic, it helped with the success of our tournament. Your commitment to the Labor Day Classic enables us to continue to grow and expand our sport and provide a great experience to our teams.

We at SWEAT appreciate your time and travel to our tournament and we hope to see you all at The RIO GRANDE SHOWDOWN March 2016!!!


- SWEAT Tournament Directors




Larry Zamora, Tournament Director
575.642.4611 /

 BJ Maestes, Tournament Director

575.202.4794 /

 Jerry Evaro, Tournament Director 

575.650.0383 / 




A person listed as bench personnel shall register the team one (1) hour prior to your first game.


Team registration shall occur at the location of the team’s scheduled first pool game.


The athlete can only participate on one (1) team in the age division(s) they are eligible to play in.


Example: Athlete A who is qualified as 6th grade may play for team A in 6th Grade and Team B in 7th grade if they are on the official roster for such team. However, Athlete A cannot play on Team A in 6th Grade and Team B in 6th Grade. Violation of the registration policy will cause the teams to forfeit and be disqualified from participating in this event and possibly future events.


We  will follow the new AAU 2015 age eligibility rules



Each team shall present the following:


Copy of team roster


Signed copy of athlete’s/team waiver


Copy of each athlete’s Proof of Age


Birth Certificate


Report Card


*All Players should be on the roster/waiver in order to participate in any game





    Schedules will be posted at quickscores/sweat.


    Two (2) pool game results will be used leading to a single elimination championship bracket.




Tie Breakers for Seeding of Bracket Play:


Head to Head


Point Differential of points up to 20 points + or – to break the tie


If a tie still exists, a two way or three way coin flip (odd man wins).



Gym Rules:

*We are guests in the gyms we are using to host this event*



Please ensure all your trash is removed from the benches and bleachers after the conclusion of each game.


No coolers will be allowed in the gym.


Please obey all signs in the gym and refrain from walking in front of coaches, players, and scorekeepers while the games are in progress.


The tournament director will have final decision on all tournament related issues. This person will direct the specific tournament site, post win/loss records, update pool play and advance play and teams, handle issues and assist with official and staff in determining all rule interpretations, violations, complaints, protests and challenges.






Rules of Play

Competition will follow the rules and regulations listed below. Any rules not listed in the RGS Tournament Rules will default to National High School Federation rules.


Game Time:


Two twenty (20) minute halves with a running clock.


Clock stops last minute of the second half.


3 minute halftime and 3 minute warm-up if time permits.


Start times will be strictly enforced.


Be prepared to play 10 minutes before your scheduled start time.


It will be counted as a forfeit if team does not show within 10 mins after game time.



Time Outs:


2 Full timeouts per half. *Timeouts DO NOT carry over*


Overtime:   One (1) minute overtime with Clock; one (1) time out for 1st  and 2nd overtime.


3rd  overtime-sudden death









One and One on the 7th  team foul.


Two shots on the 10th  each half.



Ball Size:


*Home team provides game ball*


28.5 Women’s ball for girls and  4th  Grade Boys


5th  Grade Boys and up - Men’s / High School Regulation Ball.





Coaches must enter names and numbers into the official book 10 minutes before game starts.


Failure to have roster in book before game time will result in a Technical Foul against the coach.


At the end of each game, the coach shall sign the scorebook to eliminate point differential protests.


If a coach neglects or refuses to sign the scorebook he is accepting the information in the scorebook.





Teams must have legal jersey or same colored gear with a number on the back.


No player is allowed to play without a number on their jersey/uniform.





Officials and Scorekeepers are the authority on the court.


Protests cannot be made on referee judgment calls.


All other disputes settled by RGS/LDC Tournament Directors based on RGS/LDC Tournament Rules.


Coaches will be responsible for providing proof of age/grade of athlete in event of protest.


Protest Fee - $100 cash (on rule interpretations only).





Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team, bench personnel, parents, fans, and spectators.


Any misconduct from a player during a game may result in disqualification for the next game as judged by the Referees and RGS Tournament officials.



Technical Fouls:


Player:   Two technical fouls in a game the player will receive an automatic ejection from the game.

Ejections-any player ejected for one game is not eligible to play in their next scheduled game.


Coach:  One technical and lose coaching box (SIT DOWN)

Two technical fouls and ejection from the game –  out of the gym and miss next game.



                            Fans: 1st offense- Warning; 2nd offense- Technical 

                                      3rd offense-Forfeit of Game


*If a player, coach, or fan is ejected by a game official or tournament director, that person must leave the facility including the parking lot and may not remain within sight of the facility.


*Any person ejected from a game is also ejected from the next scheduled game and subject to suspension from the event.


**Under no circumstances will refunds be given for any ejected person** Team Awards:

Team awards for 1st  and 2nd place.





Labor Day Classic 2015 Basketball - Youth