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2016 Slow Pitch Softball
Spring Summer league 
(UPDATED 2-3-16) 
The Red Morton Fields are still under construction, and we have been fighting the rain.  As we progress with the project, we will have a better understanding of when the opening date will be.
Right now they have finished the grading at Bechet & Griffin Field which is great news!
They still need to do the following work:
Add concrete header boards along the edges of the field
Apply fabric down and drain rock
Install Brock under pannels
Lay out Field Turf and stitch and glue lines
Put down the infill into the turf
Final punch list completed and open the field up for play. 
As much as we would like to start planning for the upcoming Season, it's a bit early to guess on league start dates at this time.  My guess would be Mid-April. 
Once the Turf is ready to be installed, I will update this website one Month before we are to start the leagues.  This will give you plenty of time to complete paperwork and collect fee's from players.  
For those teams interested in playing this season, check back soon for updates.
Our normal Spring-Summer season was $750.00 per team for the 12 game season.
If you need additional information, please call The Commish.
Thank you and look foward to getting this season going as soon as possible. 

 The current season is at the halfway point, and the league is going well..
 For teams inquiring for the Upcoming spring 2016 Season, we will offer at 6 game season starting in Late April.  Cost will be $475.00 Per team.
Information will be posted on March 1st for this league.
Please check back for complete paperwork to join the league.
Thank you and hopefully you can join the league.
**Individuals who are looking for a team can fill out the Free Agent sheet at the bottom of this website, and send back to the league commish. If teams need players, they will give you a call. We do not put individuals on teams directly, but provide a place for them to go for extra players. 
Downloadable files:
Download the Basketball Manager Information Card below:  
Download the Basketball Manager Handbook below: 
Download the Offical Team Roster below:  
Download the Credit Card Payment Form below:


It's play-off time! 
The season is windind down, and new paperwork will be posted soon for the next 6 game season.
  Check back later this month for updates.
Downloadable files:
Download the Volleyball Manager Information Card below:  
Download the Volleyball Manager Handbook below: 
Download the Offical Team Roster below:  
Download the Credit Card Payment Form below:

RWC Senors Softball Club

Any person who will be fifty (50) years old during the calendar year is eligible for membership into the RWC Club.

Dues are $45.00 per year.

Check out their website at

for more information or call Dennis Logie at 520-5607


If you are a player looking to join a sports team, please fill out the free agent form below, and send back to

Although we do not place individuals directly on teams, we provide a place for the managers of the teams to go, should they need players.

Please list all playing experience, just so the managers know your skill level

Download the free agent form here:

Winter 2015-2016 Basketball - Adult

Winter 2015-2016 Volleyball - Adult