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2016 Slow Pitch Softball
Spring Summer league 
We are currently in the process of having our entire Red Morton Park fields re-turfed and will be closed until Spring 2016 for all softball leagues. 
 We appreciate all of the teams who have played with us in the past, and will continue to offer the excellent quality of leagues soon.
The fields will be state of the art, with the newest Field Turf available, and the infill will no longer be crumbed rubber. We will be using a TPE infill, which will reduce heat, and the playability will be 1st class.
  We will be posting all new information after the 1st of the year, and look forward to seeing you in the leagues for the Spring.
Thanks for your continued support of Redwood City Softball, and are excited to have the newest softball fields on the Peninsula.
Come play in RWC, and play with the best!! 

 Update - Monday November 16th.
Schedule has been changed.  Please review and let your players know of the changes.  Sorry for the changes, as one team was removed from the league. 
Teams Playing
1. BNBuilders 
2. You Can't See Us
3. Fit3D
4. Love is Underrated 
5. The Franchise 
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Games are on!  Have a great season.
Downloadable files:
Download the Volleyball Manager Information Card below:  
Download the Volleyball Manager Handbook below: 
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RWC Senors Softball Club

Any person who will be fifty (50) years old during the calendar year is eligible for membership into the RWC Club.

Dues are $45.00 per year.

Check out their website at

for more information or call Dennis Logie at 520-5607


If you are a player looking to join a sports team, please fill out the free agent form below, and send back to

Although we do not place individuals directly on teams, we provide a place for the managers of the teams to go, should they need players.

Please list all playing experience, just so the managers know your skill level

Download the free agent form here:

Winter 2015-2016 Basketball - Adult

Winter 2015-2016 Volleyball - Adult

Fall 2015 Softball - Adult
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