Games are on for 10am. NCS Board
Update for games on Sunday, July 17, 2016
Route 2 (Shoreway) closes at 12:01am Sunday.  
Please find an alternate route to and from Gordon Park for Sunday's games.  
NCS Board
And per some requests...rules are listed below. 

 North Coast Softball Rules – Revised February, 2016

ASA men's slow pitch rules apply unless amended herein and these rules shall be used in all regular season and tournament games. A simple majority vote of the league officers shall be final in any and all matters involving the interpretation of these rules and regulations.

1          Player Eligibility & Rules

1.1       Minimum age to play is eighteen (18). Exception: 16-17 year olds may play with parental consent. Each team can carry a maximum of two minors. Proof of age will be
required before playing.

1.2        Each player must register online and "electronically sign" the League's injury waiver or fill out the approved NCS registration/waiver form. The waiver releases North Coast Softball and game officials from injury liability. A state-issued photo 10 with a birth date and current address may be asked as verification before you play.

1.3        During games, each player must wear a numbered jersey/shirt. No duplicate numbers allowed.

2          Team Eligibility & Rules

2.1        Roster limit is 25. However, the league may expand the limit at any time to accommodate the number of individuals desiring to play or due to extenuating

2.2        Each team pays a non-refundable team fee by opening day. Teams in violation of this will forfeit any games until paid. It is the team's responsibility to get funds from a
sponsor by the deadline or pay fees themselves.

2.3        Teams must have eight (8) players to start a game or be allowed to continue play, or else they will forfeit the game. Additional players may be added as they arrive, given
they are on the lineup in a spot
. However, if they are not present when their spot in the
batting order is reached, it will be an out

2.4       If a player is injured and there are no substitutes available, the injured player's spot in the batting order will be considered an automatic out.

2.5       Roster deletions and additions can be made through the third week of play. New players may be added after the third week of play but only with Board approval and will
be placed on a team by need of the team and skill level of the p
layer by the board.

2.6        Players can also change teams during this time period with approval from both managers. (Moved from 2.5 to its own rule of 2.6)

2.7        League officers reserve the right to verify any player's rosters status and identity at any time.

2.8       The league is open to all LGBT -friendly people. Teams may be same gender or co-ed.

3          Division, Season, & Playoff Format

3.1       Divisions are based on the team skill level.

3.2       The Board can move team(s) from one division to another after week 5 of play and before week 6 of play for any reason. All decisions of the board are final.

3.3       Opposing teams must not be more than one division apart.

3.4       Tournament seeding is based on best divisional/group record. In the case of a tie, the tiebreaker is as follows and in this order: head-to-head record, division record, head-to-
head run differential between the two teams, then a coin toss.

3.5       The top seed is the home team in the winners' bracket. The exception is the second final game (if played), where a coin toss will then be used to determine the home
team. A coin toss will be used for all other games to determine home team.

3.6       In the event a division has five teams or more for the tournament, playoffs may be divided among two weeks, time permitting.

4         General Rules & Protocols

4.1      The pitching arc limits are six (6) to ten (10) feet.

4.2       12" ball will be used at all times

4.3       There are three different ASA stamps that show up on all approved bats: 2000, 2004, or 2013 and beyond. Bats approved for 2013 and later simply have an ASA Softball stamp with no year. Illegal bats are listed on the ASA website ( Use of an illegal or altered bat will be an automatic ejection from the game. Ejection consequences apply.

4.4         No leading off or stealing

4.5         Metal spikes are not allowed

4.6       Jewelry may be asked to be removed at the discretion of the umpire.

4.7        All batters begin with a 1-1 count and will be allowed one extra foul ball.

4.8       Commitment line & safety home plate –Safety plate will be used in all North Coast Softball games. Once a runner crosses the commitment line halfway between 3rd base and home plate, they must continue to the safety home plate closer to the fence and home plate becomes a force out. Any player who touches or passes this line and returns to third will be out. EXCEPTION: In the event a runner passes the line and the batted ball is caught, the runner may return to third. Any runner who touches the traditional home plate will be considered~ out except on an over-the-fence home run. Any runner tagged after crossing the commitment line will be safe at home.

4.9            No sliding allowed into 1st or Home safety bases. This will be an automatic out. Safety bag will be used in all North Coast Softball games.

4.10           Over the fence home runs – GROUP A is allowed one home run by each team and any additional home runs can be earned should the opposing match the over the fence home run. GROUP B is allowed no home runs.  

4.11           One courtesy runner per inning is allowed and shall be the last recorded out. In the event there are no outs in the first inning when this occurs, the last batter in the
lineup will be the courtesy runner. This courtesy runner must be in place before the next
pitch. If one comes off the bench to pinch run (as opposed to a courtesy runner), one is
considered a substitute and subject to the rules regarding substitution.

4.12       No new inning shall begin after 65 minutes unless the game is tied. If the fields are wet, a rain delay may be invoked and the time limit may be cut to 50 minutes.

4.13       In extra innings, the ASA tiebreaker will be used: The last batter from the previous inning will start at 2nd base.

4.14          In the event of a cancellation, games may be rescheduled at the discretion of the board.

4.15       If a game is called due to weather conditions, it is considered to be complete if both teams have finished the 5th inning (or if the home team is leading in the middle of
the fifth). Any incomplete game will be replayed from the first inning and a score of 0-0.

4.16       In the event one team leads another by 20 runs after four (4) innings or 15 runs after five (5) and subsequent innings, the game will end unless the losing team requests
a continuation.

4.17          A team may field eleven (11) defensive players and may put up to thirteen (13) players in a batting lineup. Five of these defensive players must be placed in the outfield.
During inter-division play, the lower division team may field twelve (12) players and (6)
six of these must be placed in the outfield.

4.18          Outfielders must remain in the outfield until the bat makes contact with the ball.

4.19          During inter-division games, the lower division team will be given a runner on second base at the start of each inning. This runner will be the last out or, in the first
inning, the last batter in the lineup. If a courtesy runner is needed, and the last out is
already on base, the out prior will be used. In extra innings, both teams will have a runner
on 2nd to start the inning.

4.20        Any team that has batted twice through its lineup in an inning will automatically have three outs. During the same game, in any subsequent inning, the same team shall
have three outs once they have batted around the lineup once.

4.21          Both teams shall verify the score each inning with the umpire behind the plate.

4.22          There shall be a five (5) minute grace period for all games after the scheduled start time, provided there are no delays due to weather or completion of the previous game. Teams not ready after that shall forfeit. Forfeit fee is $30 per infraction and must be paid by first game of the following week in order to play that week.

4.23          The rainout delay status will be posted on the website and an officer will text managers with the status as well. It is the responsibility of managers to check the website and/or confirm with a board member and inform their players of the rainout or delay status.

4.24          A player must play in 30 of the team's games during the regular season to be eligible to play during the league tournament. It is the manager's responsibility to make
sure any subs that played are marked on the umpire's scorecard so that player gets
credit for that game.

4.25          Any player, coach, or manager ejected in a game is required to leave the fields immediately and cannot return that day. They will also be suspended from playing the
next two scheduled games after that date. An appeal is permitted, but league officers
must be informed of the appeal within 24 hours of the ejection.

4.26         Protests must be made by the manager/coach to the umpire prior to the final out of that game and a league officer must be informed of the details immediately following the game or within 24 hours if no officer is present. The umpire must notate the scorecard declaring the game has been protested. A $30 fee must accompany a filled out protest form. This fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld. If the protest is won, the fee will be refunded. A simple majority vote by league officers shall be final in the consideration of any protest. Any league officer that plays for either team involved in the protest will not be allowed to vote. In this case, there may be an even number of voters, resulting in a tie vote. In the event of a tie vote, an umpire not involved with the situation will be the deciding vote.

4.27         Only the team manager shall conduct any discussions with the umpires concerning rulings. If the manager is ejected, a new team representative must be appointed for this rule.

4.28          Fighting, rowdiness, or misconduct at league functions shall be grounds for suspension or expulsion of the offending parties after due notice. A hearing may be requested with a league officer within 24 hours. 


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