Due to vandalism at the Elyria soccer fields, please be sure to check the venue for all games against Elyria.  Some are being moved to other fields, please check the website for correct fields. 
Important Dates-Spring 2015
No changes directly from a coach will be accpeted
No one but the community rep should contact the scheduler directly
Last day to add players   4/25/15
Season starts   4/11/15
Spring Classic will be in Oberlin,  June 6, 2015 
Everyone, please remember-NO DOGS @ SOCCER FIELDS...please tell your coaches and parents...we ARE NOT insured for dogs at any soccer venue in LCSL. 
LCSL  President: Paul Grabo   pgrabo1212@aol.com
Scheduler: Jodie Hayes     loraincountysoccer2014@gmail.com
Registrar:  Kelly Beursken  lcslregistrar@glwb.net
Next LCSL Meeting : May 6, 2015 @ 8:00 PM 

Spring 2015 Soccer - Youth

Fall 2014 Soccer - Youth