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All schedules on the website are now final for the fall season!
Reps, please remember, only the home rep can submit changes to the scheduler
Games Start August 26
Fall Classic October 21 at Midview Soccer Complex
Have a great season everyone !!!
U10 will begin Offside this Fall 2017
U9 will begin Offside in Spring 2018
Good luck everyone!!!
Please note, these are the correct # of players on the field per age group:
U7/U8  6 players
U9/U10  7 players
U11/U12 9 players
U13/U14/U15 11 players
in all of these cases, one of those players is a goalie
U7-4 10 min quarters
U8-2 20 min halves
U9/U10 2 25 min halves (no offside yet U9, U10 will have offside)
U11/U12 2 30 min halves (offside)
U13/14/15 2 35 min halves (offside)
no INTENTIONAL heading U11 and below:results in an indirect kick
U7/U8 can punt from the 6 yard box
U7/U8 all INDIRECT kick on fouls
Referee fees for Fall 2017  
U7-U8  $25
U9-U10 $30
U11-U12 $35
U13-U14 $40
LCSL President: Paul Grabo   pgrabo1212@aol.com
LCSL Vice President: Bryan Chambers  bchambers2462@live.com
LCSL Scheduler: Jodie Hayes     loraincountysoccer2014@gmail.com
LCSL Registrar:  Heidi Chambers  lcslregistrar@gmail.com
Changed to:
Next LCSL Meeting : Wednesday September 6, 2017 @ 8 PM
@ Oberlin Depot
Across from McDonald's 

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