The Heber Springs Parks and Recreation provides quality sports programs at the Heber Springs Sports Complex, Community Center, Sandy Beach and other locations.

Baseball, Softball and Soccer Programs are

located at the Sports Complex.


The Basketball Program is located at the

Community Center and there is also an outdoor

court located at Spring Park.


Outdoor VolleyBall is located at Sandy Beach.



If you would like more information on any of our Sports Programs, give us a call

 at 501-362-4901.

Tyler Irwin, Athletic Director
501-362-4901 / athleticdirector@suddenlinkmail.com

» Pickleball Tournament 2017 Pickleball
» Fall 2017 Softball - Adult
» Spring 2017 Baseball - Youth
» Winter 2016-2017 Basketball - Youth
» 2016 Ragball Softball
» Spring 2016 Baseball
» Winter 2015-2016 Basketball - Youth
» Summer 2015 Softball
» Fall 2014 Softball