Softball/Baseball: update: 2/21/18, 7:15 a.m.
The following email was sent to all softball/baseball registered participants this morning:
Good morning,
This email has two purposes:
1) ALL tryouts are canceled
2) where you can register and pay
1): All tryouts canceled. The weather station near the fields recorded 1.8 inches of rain yesterday. It's raining more as I write this email. There is a 90% chance of rain on Thursday, 100% on Friday and 100% on Saturday. The high temperature across the rest of the week is 65 degrees. The city tells us, and we agree, that there is no way that any of the fields will be playable for the foreseeable future. Coaches will still participate in a draft on Sunday. Every registered kid makes a team. Only coaches come to the draft. You should receive team information next week.
2) We will be at Chicken Express on Highway 377 from 6pm until 8pm on Thursday (the same time tryouts were supposed to be). We will also be at Chicken Express from 10:30 am until Noon on Saturday (in-between when softball and 5u/6u tryouts were supposed to be). If you need to pay or know people who need to register for open spots only, please come to Chicken Express during that time. 
We recognize this is an exceptional time, and we appreciate your flexibility as we work through the weather and hopefully provide the best softball/baseball experience for your child(ren) this year!
Granbury Athletic Board
Online registrations are now closed. We will accept registrations at tryouts for divisions with openings.
Tryout weather options:
We will update here and on facebook.
There is a really good chance weather hampers some/all of tryouts. We are committed to having the draft on Sunday, February 25, so all tryouts would have to happen before then. Our hope is that this process isn't necessary, but it's one we want to have ready in the event that weather gets in our way.

Here's the plan in case of weather issues this week:
For 8U-14U baseball - if Tuesday is rained out, we will invite everyone to Thursday AND add a tryout on Saturday from 9am-11am at City Park.
For 8U-14U baseball, if Tuesday is good, but Thursday is rained out, we will move the Thursday tryouts to Saturday at City Park from 9am-11am.
For 8U-14U baseball, If BOTH Tuesday and Thursday are rained out, we will move everything to Saturday (in addition to softball  and tball at their normal times). The schedule would be:
9am-11am (or until finished) for 8U and 14U at City Park
1pm-3pm (or until finished) for 10U and 12U. at City Park  
For Everyone - If Saturday is rained out, we will still hold drafts on Sunday (only coaches attend the draft). The drafts will be auto-drafts for those divisions that haven't had complete tryouts. This means if we get Tuesday in, but don't get any other days in, we're still auto-drafting everybody. If we get Tuesday and Thursday, but not Saturday, we'll autodraft 5U/6U and Softball and have "normal" draft for 8u and up.

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The Granbury Basketball Association and Granbury Athletic Association will now work together to bring three sports to the youth of Hood County!  In addition to softball and baseball, this website will be the primary location for youth basketball, too!


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 Rain Information
During the season if there is a chance of rain games could be moved.  If there are any updates we will post them here, on our Facebook page and will update the phone line as soon as they are available.
We will also have the commissioners text the coaches once decisions are made.  Please be patient as there are a few steps to these decisions being made.

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