Attention all Softball Team Managers and Players

Our office has been receiving complaints of noise late at night following our Adult Softball Games at Glorietta and Montrose Park Ballfields. Glorietta and Montrose Ballfields are neighborhood parks. Please tell all of your players to respect our neighbors and leave promptly and quietly immediately following your games.  If players want to socialize after the games, please find an alternate location to do it (and not in front of our neighbor’s homes).

 When playing at Glorietta, please park along Verdugo Road, or one of the side streets across Verdugo Rd.  Please DO NOT park along Glorietta Ave, Woodland Ave. or Rustic Lane.

 Thank you for your assistance and support!


Pacific Community Center is taking registration for the new 9v9 Adult Soccer League.  Download a flyer now - check out the downloadable files! 


If you are an individual looking to get onto a team, please contact the Sports Office at the phone number or email below.  Currently Men's and Coed Softball, Basketball and Soccer are taking place and adding players.



If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to call the sports office at 818-548-6420 or email Will at

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