Greer CBA Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to honoring God through the sport of basketball.

The Greer Christian Baskeball Association held its 2017 Meeting of the Board of Directors on Sunday, September 17, 2017 to discuss the upcoming 2017-2018 Basketball Season
The GCBA League Council (All Official Representatives of the Member Churches) will meet Sunday, October 1, 2018 to go over Rules, Regulations, and Registration Procedures
Team Registration will take place at Fairview Baptist Church on Sunday, November 5, 2017.  Registration will begin at 2:00pm
The Association's first Adult and High School Age Groups games will be played Monday, November 20. 2017
The Association's first Youth Age Groups games will be played Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Association will host teams in the following Age Groups
Co-Ed 4 - 6 years old 9 - 10 year old Girls
7 - 8 year old Boys
11 - 12 year old Boys
7 - 8 year old Girls  11 - 13 year old Girls
9 - 10 year old Boys  13 - 14 year old Boys
14 - 18 year old Girls 15 - 18 year old Boys
Women Men 30 and Under 
Age Eligibility is determined by the player's age on September 1, 2017
Any Youth Player can play in an older Age Group if the Church cannot sponsor a team for that player's age
The Association encourages its member churches to consider placing a youth aged player on the older roster if the player will "age out" of his/her age group before the end of the 2017-2018 season in February
All High School Aged Boys and Girls must be enrolled in, and attending, a public, private, or Charter High School, or certified Home School equivalent program.  High School Aged Players that possess a High School Diploma, GED, or Home School Equivalent are eligible to play in the Association's Mens and Womens Leagues Only

If you would like to participate in Youth and Adult Basketball with the GCBA in the Winter of 2017-2018, check with your church representative for information on registration and participation.
You can find out if your church is a member of GCBA by looking through our Locations and Maps tab on this website.
If you would like to connect your church to GCBA in order to participate in a Basketball League next season, contact the Commissioner listed below. 

Tracy Miller, Commissioner (864)444-5701