3/27 games will move to 5/29 and the rest of the schedule will remain the same.
Thank you for signing up for our Spring Volleyball season at FCC.  Just a few reminders as we head into our new season....
  • If a player is not a PAID FCC player they cannot play on your team.  What this means is you can't bring a friend to play just because your team is short a player (your games will be forfeited if you do).  You CAN ask another player to play from any other FCC team.  If you need help finding a player please text me and I can help.
  • Please do not kick or use the volleyballs in a manner they are not intended....this includes using them as basketballs and throwing them at the BB rims.  These are official volleyballs and they are expensive to replace.  Please roll the volleyballs under the net when necessary.
  • Please take time to read the rules and ask the referee if you have questions.
  • Fees for this season are $35 and due the 2nd week of play (February 27th).  You can pay with cash or checks made payable to FCC. Do NOT make your check payable to me.  Captains I will give you a large envelope to collect your team fees.  I will also need each team member to complete their info on a roster.  I will have both to you Thursday night.
Please contact me if you have any questions.


Brandy Fitzloff, FCC Volleyball League Coordinator

918-260-8815 call/text

Spring 2014 Volleyball

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