Decatur National Winter Meeting is scheduled for Thursday November 10th at 7:30 PM at the Decatur Utilities Auditorium. At this time elections will be held for the following positions; President, Vice President, Equipment Manager, Secretary, and Auxiliary Member.


Anyone interested in one of these positions has until October 21st and Midnight to contact Chris Howard at chris@hubbarddrake.com. Interested parties must clearly state the position they are interested in, pass background check, and be elected by the membership.


From our Local Rule Book, Section 1 Governance:

"Voting members of the Decatur National League consist of the manager of each team and no more that three coaches from each team and any non-manager who is a member of the Board or serves as a League official; the names of which must be recorded on the League's seniority roster for the prior year".

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Chris Smith, Scheduler (Minor A/Ozone)
Brook Gholston, Scheduler (T-Ball/Minor B)
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