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Decatur American Dixie Youth Baseball.





Congratulations to the Dixie Boys All Star Team

District 1 Champions! 

Congratulations to the Ozone All Star Team

District 1 Champions!  

Congratulations to the Minor A All Star Team

District 1 Runner-Up and SubState Co-Champion!  

Congratulations to Cole O'Brien and Sam Crawford for hitting homeruns in their All-Star tournaments. 

 Congratulations to the Ozone Rookie All Star Team

State Rookie Runner-Up!

  Congratulations to the Minor B Rookie All Star Team

District 1 Sub B Champions! 

Congratulations to the Minor A Rookie All Star Team

District 1 Sub B Champions!


  Action Shots from the regular season can be found and purchased at under Decatur American Baseball Game Pictures!


 Congratulations to the Minor B Athletics,

Minor A Red Sox and Ozone Red Sox-



  Over The Fence Club

 Colton Keith- 11 

Cade Jenkins- 8

Jackson Breedlove- 6

 Dakota Peebles- 6

Baker Wilson- 5 

Tre Shackleford- 3

 Brayden Hamilton-2

 Aaron Jones- 2

Parker Nichols - 2 

 Kendall Scales- 2

Darius Allison- 1 

J.P. Austin - 1 

Lawson Barnett- 1 

John Allen Blaxton- 1

Matthew Campbell- 1

Brady Dixon- 1

Riley Drake- 1 

Aaron Fields- 1

Max Gardner- 1 

Hunter James- 1
Zac Kennedy- 1
Gaitlin Lavender- 1 
 Mason Moore -1
Adrian Ralson- 1
Cole Reynolds- 1 
Kamerin Sandlin- 1
Tarik Sykes- 1 
Approved bat information for this season
can be found in the Downloadable Files Section of this website.
The 2014-15 Decatur American League Board 

 Allen Crawford, President

Mark King, Vice President Orange

David Wilson, Vice President Black

Brittany Welsh, Secretary

Marcus Ferguson, Treasurer

Franklin Olive, Auxiliary Chairman

Marshall Jones, Field Manager

Scott Bailey, Assistant Field Manager
Assistant Field Manager

Sperby Piner, Equipment Manager

Assistant Equipment Manager
Risk Management Officer

Eric Baxley, Communication Director

Tracy Lentz, Dixie Boys Commissioner

Player Agent-Dixie Boys

Player Agent-Ozone

Player Agent-Minor A

Player Agent-Minor B

Player Agent-T-ball

To contact a Decatur American DYB Board member, email addresses are available on this website.

Fall 2014 Baseball