OPENING DAY IS SET FOR APRIL 11TH!! Here is to a GREAT season!!!
Commissioner positions are something the board relies on parents/grandparents/a family member to fill, it's not supposed to be an additional job for the volunteer board members.
 If this is something you feel led to do, Please contact us via facebook at
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Please do not call board 

members during working hours or at 

their place of employment.

Thanks for understanding.


This is YOUR CYC

Comanche Youth Council meetings are
open meetings and the public is always
welcome to attend.
Current Board Members Include:
President- Garrell Cotten
Vice President - Amy Carroll
Secretary - Barbi Schoen
Treasurer - Wade Hall
IT - Amy Riordan
Lucas McAlily
John Diaz
 Matt Lopez
Brad Carter
Zac Griffith
Christy Harris 
        Find us on facebook page at:
or send us an email at: