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Spring Sports Registration February 13th-24th
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 NEW - Dixie Youth Baseball Bat Requirements
Please review the new bat standards that have been established by USA Baseball. Any bats that are used in Dixie Youth Baseball leagues are now required to follow the established performance standards. The new standards go into effect during our 2017 FALL Season. Click the link below for more information.


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Caitlin Conduff, cconduff@columbiacountyga.gov, (706) 312-7415
Athletic Supervisor 
Christi DeLoach, cdeloach@columbiacountyga.gov, (706) 312-7411
5/6 Coed, 8 Boys Basketball
Robby Kiser, rkiser@columbiacountyga.gov, (706) 312-7416
7 Boys, 9 Boys, 9/10 Boys Basketball
Jonathan Wilson, jwilson@columbiacountyga.gov, (706) 312-7407
13/14 Boys Basketball, 15/16 Boys Basketball
Ryan Wilson, rwilson@columbiacountyga.gov,  (706) 312-7409
11/12 Boys Basketball
Stacey Usry, slusry@columbiacountyga.gov, (706) 312-7410
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