***Attention Coaches & Parents*** 
Posted 4/18/15 @ 6:52am
 All activites and games are on as scheduled.  
Keep posted for any updates.
Posted 4/17/15 @ 3:15pm
We apologize our phones are temperarily down. All outdoor games, pictures and practices have been canceled for Friday, April 17th due to the weather. Pictures will be made up next Friday night. We will make a descision about Saturday outdoor games by 7:00am tomorrow morning. Please check here for any updates.
Posted 4/16/15 @4:39pm
All pictures for outdoor sports are still on for this evening. We will be keeping an eye on the weather. 
Posted 4/11/15 @ 6:35am
All games are on as scheduled. We are keeping an eye on the weather and will update if needed.
Posted 4/6/15 @6:15pm
All Future Star Basketball schedules are now final. Teams may now print their schedules.  
Posted 3/27/15 @ 10:30am
All Volleyball, Soccer, and Baseball schedules are now final. No changes will be made unless you are contacted by the Sports Department. We will hand out a final copy tomorrow at your meet and greet.
 Basketball schedules will be final until next week and all coaches will be contacted when they are.  
Posted 3/20/15 @ 1:15pm
All schedules except for Future Stars Basketball have been posted. Please review the schedules and let me know if you have any requests by Tuesday, March 24th no later then 12:00pm. Remember do not print this schedule, as it is not final! 
Thank You
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