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Clyde Jackson, President
Revised on 6/192014 @12:13am
   ****  3 Game Guarantee excluding forfeit****
Stars R Born 
March 28th-29th, 2015
Admission: Daily pass $10
6 & under free
No outside food allowed.
Zero Tolerance Rule in Effect - This applies to players and spectators.
Tournament is a grade based tournament following the old AAU rules. For example, a player can be a 12 year old 5th grader but may not turn 13 before August 31, 2015. 
3 game guarantee
All players must be in uniforms to enter the gym.
Two coaches and 1 table worker pass will be complimentary. Each team must provide a table worker. 
  Click "Locations" on the left for gym information. 
**** Gym Locations****
Channelview High School 1100 Sheldon rd Channelview,TX 77530 and Anthony Aguirre 15726 Wallisville RD, Houston, Texas 77049

Stars R Born Basketball