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Best Choice Field House
 Y.E.S. All Star Game
 Admission: Daily pass $10
(NO REFUNDS - Damaged/Manipulated bands will NOT be accepted. Full admission WILL BE required. We are NOT responsible for lost bands.  
6 & under Free
No outside food allowed.
Zero Tolerance Rule in Effect - This applies to players and spectators.
 All players must be in uniforms to enter the gym.
  Click "Locations" on the left for gym information. 
**** Gym Locations****
 Best Choice Field House
11825 Technology Dr, Fisher In 46038
***Each Player must have a home and away uniform***
All Star Weekend Schedule
10:00am -10:45am Registration
11:00am-11:45am Opening Ceremony (Guest Speaker & Pictures)
Skills and Drills contest
10am Kyrie Irving Divison
11:00am Le Bron James Divison
12pm Myles Turner Divison
*** See Below for Game Schedule***