Practice Update: FIELDS are OPEN !
Updated: May 22, 2015 at 3:00 PM
* Please continue to check back as the weather my change* 
Games that were scheduled today will be made up next Wednesday, May 27th 2015.  
- The team that raises the most money for our scholarship campaign wins *
Help give back to local families near you for their kids to be able to play soccer  learn to swim*  
* Registration is NOW open for SUMMER BASKETBALL *
Ages 3 yrs - 10th grade  
Stop by the Y an register your kids today !  
SAVE $15 by registering by MAY 23 !! 
Upcoming Dates to know : 
- May 16: "Coaches Challenge"
- May 26: Coach v Refere Game @ 6:30pm Field 3pm 
- May 18-22: Week Night games
- May 23 : NO GAMES - Memorial Day weekend 
Keep checking here for last minute field conditions.
Fields may close and practices/games canceled as little as 30 minutes before your practice/game.
If the lightning detector goes off please wait in the safety of your vehicle.
It takes at least 30 minutes for the detector to clear us to resume practices/games.
If no updates, please assume fields are open.
Any questions please email: Sarah Parker - Sports Director, 
10501 J Blanchard Trail - Orlando, FL 32817  - 407.381.8000

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